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Julie 6d
Sorry it had to be this way
Sorry that you could not stay
Sorry that it had to be told
The life of me I had to unfold

Sorry that you were here no more
Sorry for the tears of no joy
Sorry I really wished you to stay
The life of me I would still hide today

Sorry I miss you so much
Sorry the arm you cannot touch
Sorry cannot hear you’re wisdom to taught
The life of me it was not my fault

Sorry I’m sorry I loved you so much
Sorry the words young I had no crutch
Sorry for the times i was no good child
The life of me thought in the wild

Sorry the word used no thought
Sorry we should of been taught
Sorry blame to be held hidden
The life of me would not have been ridden

Sorry this day had to come
Sorry in the chair I had to become
Sorry I had to voice to be well
The life of me releasing the hell
Julie Dec 1
Dad no hurt that you did
Why oh why they gave me pain
No one like you lived so much
Trusted believes in life to touch

Hurt and pain they gave it to me
You didn’t in any life to gain
I know that if you were here
No pain would bring me to tears

My dad so gentle giving and true
They should of followed your boots
Hands so big but gentle in touch
My world loved so much

When you were there life was so true
In times I struggled when I was blue
No words you needed to hear you breath
Blanket was there for me to reach

Photos I look not remembering them all
Eyes to feel the safe and tall
Dad oh dad miss you so much
The good the bad now time to grieve
Julie Dec 1
Here to lay still with silence
Freeze the hands ticking in time
Stop to press and watch to pause
Mend the hands rough in line

Moon so full in times that reflect
Stars so tiny wishing to all
Shooting to send to soar and try
The world around flash in the sky

Brushes stroke gently the flow
Colours mixed red yellow and blue
Blank to begin the gaps within
Pictures that hang hidden to show
Julie Nov 30
Black the day that sun was broken
Locks of curls flow in the wind
Dress of white not worn to be spoken
Cut off when life was sinned

Sharp the silver soul to mortal
Tears no joy exist life’s years
Held the force pain of brutal
Piercing eyes sound that hears

Curled in ball no book of words
Fire no light no arms to wrap
Shiver of wood rot of  sword
Shadow of me was fear to sap
Julie Nov 30
Lost in world of dissociation
Dreaming of things that forgotten
Visions I see no eye that meets
Wonders of world of defeat

Knocking back and forth
Count to 10 real world again
Voice to speak grown up times
Dream again of forgotten crime

Hands to head to hit so hard
Knock out the ring to hear the bells
Uncover the puzzle missing piece
Detach in time the life repeats
Julie Nov 28
To live is to laugh
To laugh is to love
To love is to live
To see is to hear
To hear is to see
To touch is to smell
To smell is to touch
To be me is to be me
To fear is to not
To stand up tall is the lot
Julie Nov 28
Singing rhymes tiny mind
Giant become searching to find
Fear to reveal time and time
Underneath the bells to chime

One two three sing to see
Round and round sticks to put down
Spin again to pick the one
Sound aloud no nursery of fun

Blow by blow no comfort I live
Alone for me house that sticks
Bricks that build to all fall down
Begin again for wheels to  go round
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