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Julie 7d
Tread the waters past
Showers fall
Disappearing fast
Soaking away
Repeats the spray
Julie Mar 13
If you are hearing
If you are seeing
If you are feeling
And the world is yours
Julie Mar 8
We can hide behind the clouds
In summer storm
When flight feeds
Opens love
Julie Feb 20
I’m allowed to have peace
In a world we speak
I’m allowed to have rays
In a world we say
I’m allowed to have green
In a world to be
Julie Jan 21
If I share, will you stay
Speak now forgotten day
Inside fights for now
My journey howls

If I share, will you free
Hidden key passed away
Writing words speak
Ink forever bleeds

If I share is it me
Truth of hands will hold
White lines weep
Be gone, final peace
Julie Jan 7
She speaks of silence warmth
Under the visions that storm
In every sound that blows
Inner grows

She walks of silence leaves
Past be gone the mud of prints
Each and every day
Inner lays

She stills of silence sprays
Heavens show above
Moving clouds apart
Inner heart
Julie Nov 2022
When we write the doom
Stars that zoom
The child in me
My life, was gloom

As life did grow
Was stuck in know
To write the rhymes
My life ,I show

And now, I’m tall
No curling ball
I’d write my lines
My life, MY rhyme
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