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Julie 3d
I am
You are
To be
Forever far

I am
You see
To know
Forever me

I am
You keep
To show
Forever deep

I am
You saw
To love
Forever yours
Julie Jan 10
I came you opened I went
I sat you spoke I shivered
I cried you watched I pent
I stared you asked I withered

I shared you stumbled I rocked
I stuttered you wondered I breathe
I hurt you cared I shocked
My words your silence I released
Julie Jan 2
Who  cared for ever a day
It’s now your turn come what may
Here to hold your empty sound
Cry the song, walk my ground

Fast to scribble no lines to rehearse
The blackness of the barking curse
Push along the walls closed in
Cry the song,  my friend begin

Open the path no pages of lines
Draw the leaves left in time
Hold on and wrap the warmth around
Cry the song, my friend aloud
Julie Dec 2020
What where, why, when who
Questions, are they true
To ask I would
Arms across I stood

What where, why, when who
Does it matter too
To ask if true
Straight up I grew

What, where, why when who
No time to think
Mirror to blink
Reflect at you
Julie Dec 2020
Believe the belief
How to see
Troubles across
Forgotten needs

Go of the now
Stitch of cotton
Soft of a touch
Needs forgotten

Calm to begin
Lay still of the night
Lights of shadow
Forgotten needs bright
Julie Dec 2020
A word is a word
A dream is a dream
Forever ease

A vision is a vision
A voice is a voice
Forever choice

A cry is a cry
A pain is a pain
Forever stain
Julie Dec 2020
To be of what and what to be
There or here to here or there
If I and I to if of why
Grind the world, pieces gone by

Am I of am or am of I
Tick of clock all to hear
Still of noise or noise of still
Spin of what makes me will

Above of words of words above
Message to read or read to message
Riddles of past back to head
One last verse or verse of said
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