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Alin Feb 2015
He is worried!

the Mr. Perfectionist.

It’s almost Carnival but
He hasn't yet got a mask

with specifics
his ballads
and jests
surly lists his bests
in two principle steps
of CAPS :

* Feeds the Bats and
* Tempts the Charms

* Cheap N Handy
* Quixotic but Scary
* Not too Trendy

and he cries


What's worse than
a self-adoring pathetic bat
in my whereabouts!

I can't get the stink and shrill so I help him fast

'Yo what's the worry!'

-I say friendly -

'you need not hurry
cause I think you already are ready!'

-I continue enthusiastically-

'Here! Try this one
My top design
Custom fit chemistry
A truly  NO Risk Recipe
and of course
Specially designed for you! '

'for you for youuu
   to echolocate
such is an eye-gaze
for the half-blind
such is sound
a vibration that propagates
in ears and brains of pretty gulls
and of course
only  for youuu'

-  I sing loud a common bat ad just to stimulate
my client and continue- merrily explaining my serviceable recipe

for 2)

Wear your white shirt just always

the one I know
you know?
the webbed one
weaving grace
and don't forget to
iron it well this time.

for 1)

Put on your true face!
I reckon then
and can guarantee always
no one will ever recognize you .

In a flight he disappears glad and I hope he won't show up till next year
What can you do I say to myself and quote a encyclopedic fact about my client.
All things have a place, you don't really need to like them but these ones pollinate flowers and disperse fruit seeds and they are economically important as they consume insect pests reducing need for pesticides.  

I say while I ventilate my head with an OM mantra and an incense stick
Bah what a stink what a stink...
Alin Feb 2015
Hey! What a cool man you are!
I sit here and realize for the first time.
Looking at the red horizon of the sunset
Tunes of red flights in my ears
make me flow along its fumes
Peace in my heart and  yes I realize
only now where I finally am
Fully one with my red *******
sitting cross-legged on a red carpet
noticing the red sleeves of my shirt covering my wrists
expressing the redness of the nail-polished finger ends
stretched playfully
above the blue green octagons
holding a physics of the invisible
as if a ball made of color
pushes blissfully towards the interiors of my palms
contrasting the red squares of my long colorful winter dress
I see the red almond heart on top of the last heart shaped dark-chocolate
left on the table just and wonder if I should eat but I leave it
as a memorial piece of my flowing composition
while I polish the red of my favorite *** with my thoughts
accommodating a gloomy **** before the fractured rays
As if I see the reds that she once saw
before her eyes got blurry somehow
As if these reds haven't been red for ages but now
where I fully am - as I now - can see again
So I take a mirror and put on a blood red lipstick
wiping hopelessly the gush off the irregular contours of my lips
till it fits perfect
somethings never change I say relieved
I still don't know how to put on a lipstick
and hurriedly grin back to check
if all sits okay so that I can start looking at me now
with your eyes and lip
Hey ! What a cool woman you are!
I sit here and realize for the first time after sunset now.
I wrote this poem today while listening to Everloving -  a Moby song .
Alin Feb 2015
Listen to the beat
Take the road
you always compose
of traffic of light
frequency of each pass
renews an auditory
tone of an unknown speech
the colored pitch
tap N
speed up
to cut to
a fading melody
a distortion in reality
to awaken the forgotten symphony
hung in ears while you are half asleep
singing a truth of you from all of you
a gifted silence from your source well
is a wish to come true
Alin Feb 2015
holy is the body that makes love to me
holy is the gaze that gifts me timeless landscapes
holy is the touch weaving the lodge of our union
holy is of sound that resonates and gives birth to a wavelength of silence  
holy is the wind that breaths along my face and surrenders
holy is me when I stand on top of this mountain with you
Alin Feb 2015
and she walks the heart’s road
one more time
the known letter becomes unknown
last time the first time

she allows vapors of  thrill shape
as much as wisdom approves time
Know your place she says
don’t fly up too high
that’s uncivilized far
See I am standing calm inside
hear me?
on the ground
body feet well aligned
agreed ?
yes and no agreed
you anyway cannot disagree
It's only my politeness that asks
She walks like the wind  blowing pure joy
a gifted natural balance of posture
being one with the time
of man and of woman and of child
whatever she becomes
at once the crowd
Their laughter makes summer
like a hypolimnetic volume in the temperate
reflects to universe as a place to perch  
amongst stars (when you sometimes pass)
while they seemingly cross traffic lights
led by a black dog
and a red cat (hiding in a mysterious plant)
as if she knows us  
from somewhere
or I her
as if this has no consequence
as if
she says
and the sound defines
Alin Feb 2015
We are now left to hard media only
I can play you raw on my strings
and hear what you say
I can draw you on a paper and feel your touch
I can color your space and embrace your aura
Your pain is mine if you give me some
not to worry it won't hurt
The pain you have is a reflection of what I've already filtered out of you
before delivering it back to you
It's only fairness
this much is not much
as much as you can have
I know you so well
You know that thousand years is too long to carry a child
even for the one with thousand bellies my child
It was not only for my cleansing our meeting
I was not the only cursed one
You are not born of me and No not for me
I be your sin if you make me your masterpiece
The face of the scary the manipulated energy
has imprisoned the fairy so the prince can save her?
The prisoner stays in prison until she realizes she is in prison
until she falls in love with the prince
then the impurity of the entanglement disappears turns to a breeze
an unpetrified ****** in the openness of a field stands
The bewildered is freed and is free now
The curse melts to particles of bliss
The prince dies she becomes flesh and blood
for the first time after the time gone for one and the last lifetime
Alone she will walk this road until the end until they reunite in the spirit world
Joy she has knowing the fact
Joy she should take and give and learn
in this short lifetime of separateness and the corporal to bear and cherish
cause he may feel
for him she will be happy so he can feel
for him she learns joy so she can carry it to eternity
for him she sees a butterfly rubbing against the anther
and for him she smiles now
Alin Feb 2015
truth resonates
between two breaths

between two breaths
I am  You

There we make love
Alin Feb 2015
so here you are!
when did you fly?
how could you survive
the not writing-
for that while ?
for me?
your galaxy?
mindlights near or away
did you stop really?
I know you are here
because words
fall now from the sky
your words
haven't got a screen
neither a pen
nor a home
It's raining love
your love
and will stay so
I'd be of source
of all waters
as plain as rain
and rain and rain
Alin Feb 2015
• X is the one in your mind
• Y is the one that you see
• Z is the anonymous

a. If you slowly start seeing Y in a different way than what it used to be for you because of X;
then you have a new way of looking at Y because of X and X is the one that makes you realize a new self in yourself which makes you see a new Y.

b. If you start loving Y if and only if a. is true then it is also true that X is the trigger where love comes through

• This may mean that (me) the one that loves, has actually been willing to love by the foundation of a new self through X either will it be a thing (tile, candle, tin, window …) or living (elephant, boy, girl, teacher, …).
• So love becomes an inevitable thing for the one that loves (me).

c. If the interaction between X, Y and of course (me) makes (me) slowly realize the existence of a ‘Z’ then Z becomes what I have been longing for as the new love and life combines.

• Z is secret and as a result discovered secretly.
• The secret discovery is by (me) and this is also what creates Z as a truth – a truth only perceivable by (me)as ‘freedom’ – which (me) will be able to communicate to others (this makes Z exist for others but in another way than it is for (me)).

So then the question is which one is my Valentine? X, Y or Z?
Or even (myself)?

• X is the one in your mind and not the one that you have seen
• Y is the one that you see and since the discovery of X you realized that Y has not been the one in your mind anymore
An older poem I wrote in 2009.
I guess nobody read it yet or felt like reading. LOL!
Happy to  be able to share it with you here today.
Alin Feb 2015
Farewell Sickness
You left me!
Invaluable was the darkness cherished
the beloved heart
body, mind
and half of my age
all of it
devoted to your love only

and secretly

You crowned me to your queen of darkness
I grew up slowly in our palace
I could hide
if I wanted to
always with you

Our home
the holy eidolon

but a shelter for me
as long as you were there

was where
we honored  shadows
by becoming shadows

The Black Mountain
of your teaching
was made of the absolute
Color of our eternal love

but Love
You forgot one thing
or didn't you know me well?

Dedicated by desire
I climbed that mountain
Kept my promise
To see  the irrefutable
To be the unconditional

You weren't there

You haven't made it that far?
or was your share to have me ebb

There was Black
as absolute as you said

Stroke my face apart
and I fell
at once for another
at an opposite end

One I became
with the luminous cilia
of a man
a plain man
made of brightest light

All of a sudden he came
All of a sudden he left

Seeing all of me was possessed

That loss slowly turned me to a sheer pain
covering my home
with an opposite color of white
I got petrified
by an equal fever to your love
A battlefield were my heart
lodging the war of the tantamount
of identical charge
repulsion of the supreme
dematerialized matter
cracked the eye
and I died

Colors of all wavelengths
between black and white
fill that deserted heart now

Yet there is a new spirit
sleeping inside
Soon she will wake up
and sing
an ancient lullaby
of life
not remembering
but with a knowing:

*I am of dark and of light
not necessarily of good or of bad
whatever you make me
I will be
which matches to which
by any color of absolute  
you’ll be bewitched
but virtuous
make a difference
by your poetry
let me be your
one magic word
until truth is met
in heavens
Title is inspired by Man Ray's 'Noire et Blanche' (1926) . I tried to remake a picture for a photo contest recently and that effort also produced this poem :)
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