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It was dark clouds
That sprang from mine eye
And shrouded the horrors
Around my life
Vividly leaving out
Good from the bad
Solemnly stealing
The smiles i once had
All was faded and grey
Sinking so far deep
In the venomous prey
It was all i could do
To stay head above water
on those dark solemn days
The Evol surrounded me
It stole all my thoughts
Leaving me blinded
From true love whom i sought
I was cold & confused
Clearly being used
By the forces around me
Who knew they weren't true
Dark clouds
Sprang from mine tongue
Letting all know
How much i was done screaming
The medicine back to their fates
As they all drifted away
Like fishing poles
Unattended at night
Not even trying
To give a good fight
Once all the darkness
Was cleared away
I could see
The shimmering light display
And aaahhh once again
Dark clouds fall my way...


mn days
She stood broken
Her dress blew
in the windy sway
He stood over her
Mumbling in dismay
Of all the things
He can never say
Her head hung low
His words held no remorse
They made her smaller
With each escape
It took her deeply
To a place to profound
Of an emotional let down
To speak about
She stood quietly
Swept away
By what used to be
The only one
she wanted to play
She stood under
His shadowey display
She wished he'd go away
Knowing he was all
She would ever crave
Even her words
Could no longer
be his slave
She stood silently
Burned beyond pain
Not even soaked up
by the rain
No tear ever savored
Held or unashamed
She stood still
With definition and misunderstood will
As he hovered over
Her every move
If he left her to her own
Disturbed rebellious words
She was lost
He would lose
There was nothing
He could do
And she was just
Too far gone
To find a way
Back to his grip
He never released
In the first place.
I ben trying oh so hard
Lying deep here in the yard
Waiting patiently for you
To come kick me down more too
Its soggy and its soaking wet
Something i won't seem to forget
Lifting my ****** corpse
From this horrid August forth
To stumble blindly in the pain
That seems a neverending reign
So wicked in its sickening thought
I hope he leaves me unsought
I was blistered from the sun
That came down to say we're done
It was over before we met
Oh how could I ever forget
Silly human ******* race
Spilling my blood all over the place
Who the **** will clean it up
When you all have given up
Oh I'm sure you'll point at me
Sorrowful soul hanging from a tree
Beaten bruised & left for dead
What do you think happens in my head
I hope you don't see me as dream
I'm a nightmare you can't scream
And sorry excuse for anything
How I wish you weren't me
Oh he was crying like he should've cared
It was tight ropes and white coats
And she was screaming like he wasn't there
It was old souls and a cold nose

There wasn't much that she could do from there
It was tight ropes and white coats
They were turning her fast in her chair
It was all she could to keep from being good
There tight ropes wrapped around her face
Old souls screaming out her name
White coats chasing her veins oh
With tight ropes and white coats
He was crawling deep in the ground
Hopeing pleading maybe he's found
The only one who ever let him out
But she was wrapped tight and all alone
He should've never left her to her own
He finally found her deep in the earth
Wrapped in white coats with tight ropes
He thought to free her stumbled on no
If he released her oh where would she go
How much longer could keep her in
Tight ropes with white coats
Bleeding seething all alone
So ******
She was all wrapped in tight ropes
They were all standing in white coats
Discussing how much candy she could hold
Before they would have to carry her home.
I'm a loser         a senseless user
of much needed space      get out of this place
I'm an abuser       a selfish moocher
Take your time       I ain't going no place
I'm confused      and often fooled
By your advances      upon my space
I'm a user           a worthless loser
Get the **** up       and have a taste
I'm a foreclosure           on everything
You'll let me           Take
I'm an invader      in your veins
All over        the human race
I'm an infection       leaving you breatheless
For just a little more     of what it fakes
I'm a hell fire         passionate desire
To be miserable        in every way
I'm a toy           you take out to play
Then cover all up      put neatly away
I'm a fairy       for you to bend over
And give her tale        the time of day
I'm a destroyer       don't need a lawyer
Ain't nobody       even looking this way

The color of love
Blue is
The way it ends up
Oh blue
How much it *****
Blue is
The color of love
Oh true
It is
How you ****** up
No its
Not gonna help
If blue is
All that you'll sell
You is
A mouth that can shut
Blue is
How you'll end up
Oh yes
Blue is
the color if love
because you did
nothing but stuck
And its true
Gonna be tough
But I can
Do this
Because blue
The color of love

I must be part of your collection
Cuz you can't see
What you
Do to me
I must be waiting on your affections
till I can breathe
As you
Display me
I must be under constant protection
On a shelf
under glass
Pay to see
I must be only a reflection
Of what you like
you wanna be
Part of me
I must be part of your collection
look fast
no flash
No doubt in my mind of deception
One of a kind
Rare as can be
that's me
I must never show objections
To anything
You'll ever ask
Of me
I must display constent perfection
My **** smile
Cute dress
hair flowing
i must be part of your collection
I'm not alone
On this shelf
I know they see
I always fear your rejection
Bcuz no one else
Knows I'm here
Just you and me
Maybe you think I'm a projection
of what you are
You leave behind
a legacy
I guess I'm just a sick infection
you'll never ever
Get rid
Of me
You must be part of my collection.

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