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Jaden Rivera Oct 2017
Has there ever been a person that you’ve met, loved, and lost all in just a couple of hours?
It may sound weird,  but it happens.

He spoke the first word
I spoke the last.

His eyes cut through to the center of my soul. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he knew that what I wanted was for him to talk to me.
Like he knew before I did.

It really is strange to think about, how I don’t know where he is, nor do I have proof that he exists.
He does.
He exists to me like the inevitability of death.
Just as dark, just as strange.

I often think about him, thinking about me.
I really don’t know though, if I ever cross his mind.
I guess that is why it is so strange to me, that we see the same moon, live similar lives, but we may never see each other again.

He spoke the first word
I spoke the last.


And to think, I could’ve changed that.
I could’ve I could’ve asked him for some way to continue our conversations.
To allow us to grow closer.

But I didn’t.

I spoke the last word.

I watched him leave the room.

I watched him exit my life.

I wonder how my life would’ve changed,
If he uttered the first word,
And the last had yet to be spoken.
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2018
Famous last words,
there are plenty of them.
But the last words of a person we love
can mean more than any gem.
                    Words that we remember,
words that we live by.
                     Words that we treasure,
words that don't lie.

Nothing lives forever,
everything must die.
But the last few words of a person's life
can make us feel more alive.

Whether it's your mother,
a piano teacher,
a friend,
a father,

last words can make a difference
and touch our hearts.

                               "Make me proud."

Those last words were said strong and loud
from the lips of a person I loved to pieces.

They may not be famous,
they may not be long.
But no last words
can ever be wrong.
Everyday, the words "Make me proud" are what get me out of bed. I will never forget the person who said them and I know that that person looks out for me everyday from the moment I get out of bed, to the moment I get back in. She is with me everywhere and helps me get through everyday.
Osiria Melody Mar 31
i peel the            of string cheese,
                  h   p
                    o   e

take the strands of good spirits
a p a r t until there is none left.

                               i can't change the world for
                               how it is, but pessimism
                               befriends me once again.
                 ... then more stringed cheese
                 of hope comes soaring across
                 my sky of uncertainty.

There will always be thorns of uncertainty in this rose bouquet of life. Hope is like stringed cheese that's taken apart until you have to start over again.
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