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Harley Hucof Jun 2017
(S)weet smile and bright eyes
(W)e said we'll wait but that was a lie
(A)nother night by my side and u crave it
(L)ets get naked i knw u wnt to taste it
(L)ife is short so is my patience
(O)nce i've said it it became my obssesion
(W)ill you be my wife?

(I) love you so much
(T)ime to admit what a mistake that was

Words Of Harfouchism.
st64  Apr 2013
st64 Apr 2013
Good evening, Sir.
Please come inside.
May I take your jacket?

You've spilled ****** beer on me!
Now, come clean up this freakin' mess you made.
Now you know *how
it feels....

And don't you dare feign!

(Oh, brother! Why couldn't you just
Give her the **** words she wanted to hear, huh?)

Hi, the music is still in the box
Sorry you are so sore.

Please ring the bell
Then you can have the smarter option.
Better take it
For, you can barely survive your own thoughts!

Oh, just never mind.


Deciphering public signs in Bath.
Do you read?

Yes (public signs)

Public signs?
How'd you read my mind?

Relax, only smelt the waft of your dirt
Waiting to colonise other minds.

Get out!

I am that oil you're slipping in
And you won't get a grip on me!

Are you beyond suggestive, or plain crude?

Floating further away on a raft of confusion
When will it ever end?

Rest peaceful, dear one.

Just remember:
When you go carving out those corners
You so badly want,
Take care not to let tears fall too heavy
When there's no-one to impress
On those deserted highways.

I love playing in the mountains.
Can you dig it?

Perhaps we can continue watering that fragile tree
Which bears such strange yet fabulous fruits...
Yes, let's do....reciprocate generosity.

I bear much to shelter your lost soul
As you step out ...
into the unknown.

No, nobody sees you, shimmering
Behind that waterfall.

Mad about p(o)ets.
It's in my blood...irrevocably.

Come on, answer the thing!
Show me some of that brave.
So powerful, you are.

Give it to me.
The answer, of course!

Ooh, such a wild cat......won't let go.
Can't let it go.
Just can't.

Unlock the claw of judgment
And slide into a gentle cocoon of......


Never did that before
But ..... always a first time for everything.


The WORLD being your classroom
Don't feel for these things; one nearly killed you.

I guess Champagne is also..... a city.

Onward, soldier!

So, you think you're so clever?
Hard to tell, when you're SO on a roll.
I'm not around to REALLY find out, truth be told.
Don't force to be so forceful.

You crit and spit on Mr Leary
Oh, such dark and dreary vocals
Show some respect, fool!

Oh, getting a headache, the size of a rock
And that chicken voice is killing me!
Half an angel plays dusty games in the sand
Don't blow curses so.

This is really absurd!
Heard half a word, a micro-syllable
Yet enough to gain timbre.

It dawns on me that there may be
A wicked breed of people
Always on the lookout
Who prey on other folk.

Coax them into amity
Allow them to .....even fall in love a little
Then extract the core
By ruthless blackmail.

Ludicrous beyond belief.
Yet, closer to truth!

What's this about, then?
Don't wanna spoil the mystery.

There's enough ***** here.
Let's drink!
It's a cold night.

And let's witness all the magic dragons
Waiting to....lift you off.


S T, 18 April 2013
WILD party.

You're invited, if you have an

Go check your post!
Ha ha

Ps. Don't squirm too much, if no invite....
Just put your name down and wait till next year :)

And no need to shake your head and bemoan the fates, 'cos.....

Only twelve get in!


(Ok, it'll dawn on you...some time)

Meantime, go stroke a cat! :)
Trevor Stuart  May 2014
Trevor Stuart May 2014
a hole
void of light

dwelling in hellish mental wells
with no fight, flight or rational
oh well....

acclimated to dirt ceilings/sealings,
unless stars are aligned
will be born dead before found alive

roots from life
hang over head,
..**** em..
just empty promises
from another dead


sit in solitude
a solemn wreck
show helping hands,
real neglect

to uncover this hovel.?
no shovel will do
a sympathy symphony
wont let light shine through


manifest mountain-tops
from bottom rocks-once-kicked
blossom bottle-rock-ets
from sticks, stones,
thoughts of home

cold dismal walls
ambitious calls

burst forth reborn
alter the skyline
with mind

you can do anything
you put your mind to
look in the mirror
say im just tryna find you
Mike Hopkins Nov 2011
Every evening
she beams into my living room
bringing me the news of the world
Juanita ***
looking at me with her large eyes, gently tossing her coiffured blond hair
demurely enunciating ugly words through her beautifully shaped mouth

another insane event has occurred in some far off country
and Juanita *** has nice red lip gloss on tonight
a boat load of desperate people has reached our shores
only Juanita *** can make the word "asylum" sound ******
more bikie gang trouble in the city
if I had tats and a Harley Juanita, would you ride off with me?
a ******* released on bail
you shouldn't have to read such filth Juanita
the Government’s economic policies are working
who did you share your stimulus package with Juanita?
another loutish sportsman has disgraced himself in public
Juanita, let the sports reporter read that stuff in future
Parliamentarians hurl foul language at each other in Canberra
I love it when you talk ***** Juanita
debate continues about the best way to tackle climate change
if there was an ETS Juanita, would you trade emissions with me?

she is telling me that tomorrow it will be warm and moist
and Jesus Christ, Juanita *** has two buttons undone on her blouse
There will be another news update in an hour
but not from Juanita ***
and without Juanita ***
no news is good news
©Mike Hopkins 2011
Have you killed in your dreams?
Have you been attacked in your
Have you ever seen Reptilian ETs chew
Have you ever seen hybrids swim in copper liquid?
Have you ever heard the Dragon Queen
giggle as evil spreads?

They **** people in some
underground bases
Have you ever imagined that you could
turn androgynous?
Have you ever been brainwashed and
programmed to work for the Shadow Men?
Have you ever witnessed messages
being sent to the silicon people?
Have you ever seen how handicapped
people are genetically engineered?
Have you ever read about how diseases are manufactured?

Have you ever seen a home break?
Have the tears of fallen women ever
dripped on you?
Have you ever seen a heart of
unconditional love tear?
Has it ever occurred to you that we are locked in 3D?
Has it ever occurred to you that we are
mind-controlled slaves?
Did you know that poverty is
Did you know that wars are a way to make profit?
Did you know that our lives are
planned and we work for mob and
royal families who own banking

Have you ever shared giggles with the
Have you ever seen how humans are
used for scientific and medical
Did you know that advanced life forms feed on the energy of humans?
Have you ever seen witches at peak
And the cat cries like a baby, and you're
crying out somebody save me
Have you ever been invited to hell and cities of gold?
Tell me, would you be a soldier bold
when all these evil stories are told?

Do you know Evil?
Clayton Woolery Dec 2010
All the min-u-ets you played danced in my head
Cut-ting through all my brain's synapses
Now I find myself staying up at night
Fruit flies dip-and-diving on my
Porch light

All the con-***-sions I suf-fered in the dark
Helped in the day when I re-invented art
Keep-ing up with all the verbal trends
Words I say in private are all
Open ends
Open ends
(There's nothing living, don't know
I don't know why,
My brain is numbing and it's weird)

All the mas-ter-pieces kept on hanging up
When the doctors said they "had to pull the plug"
Awake enough to hear those daylight words
My night-light eyes ate the bugs like
Little birds
Just like little birds
(No longer buzzing in my head)

All the con-vo-lud-ed pains at

All the bugs in-side me ate
My light!

All the dead have died in
Sick-ly fa-shion
Dropping like flies with blinks of God's eye
Never forgetting it all

All the things you said were dead had really died
All the things you said were dead had really died
All the times I thought you had, you never lied
Cure my insanity.
Lorainneh Jul 2013
Acabe de recordar l'última vegada que em vas mirar,
vas tancar ràpidament els ulls i vas baixar el cap..
Sabies que en aquell moment vas canviar la meua percepció del daurat clar apagat per una de completa felicitat? Que la teua veu exclamant baixet "Quins ulls!" encara evoca partícules també daurades que resplandeixen i giren suaument?

Que per primera vegada els colors no intenten amuntegar-se dins i davant meua quan m'atrapen els teus ulls?
Que quedant-me ahí no hi ha una sola tonalitat que gose immiscuir-se o privar-me d’ells?
Que no sé com es pinta perdre's a la teua mirada?
Que no em perd a propòsit, però que cada vegada més em trobe desfent-me de brúixoles i mapes?
Que desitjaria no saber llegir altres estrelles que em pogueren guiar?
*Que tu ets el meu únic sol i que d'on s'exhala la teua llum és on vull estar..
Aquest coso té de poema la sinestèsia entre línies; que no enganye el lloc, perfa.
No té cap enllaç fàcil, és un desastre ;w;
Feia eons que no escribia res, i menys en valen u///u Sols et trobava a faltar.. I hope you like it, ***..
I molt bon dia, amor :3
ATL May 2020
Somewhere a matchbox is swept out from under the leg of a table, and in newfound contact with the ground the whole floor comes crashing unto itself...

I do not know what causes a body to revolt:

"The N-terminus of EWS/FLI1 retains the prion-like transactivation domain of EWSR1. This allows EWS/FLI1 to both bind RNA polymerase II and recruit the BAF complex. These interactions change heterochromatin to euchromatin at EWS/FLI1 DNA-binding sites effectively generating de novo enhancers
The C-terminus of EWS/FLI1 retains the DNA-binding domain of FLI1. While wild-type FLI1 recognizes an ACCGGAAG core sequence, EWS/FLI1 preferentially binds GGAA-repetitive regions. There is a positive correlation between the number of consecutive GGAA microsatellites, EWS/FLI1 binding, and target gene expression.
The core motif of ETS transcription factors includes a GGAA sequence. EWS/FLI1 may bind to such sequences with greater affinity than the wild-type ETS member disrupting the normal regulation of ETS target genes."

I did not like the phonics. I remember some things spinning in the phonetic loop prior to semantic encoding, but I did not like how blunt the nomenclature was. It was ugly and guttural, full of dissonant clips of the tongue and glottal propulsions. I am sorry I could not remember the names- even if they were ugly.

I suppose you never think of me, and in your current cataclysm drift away from my person evermore. Nevertheless, I will write this- not as testament but as a reaction:
I am sorry.

There were insecurities placed inside of you by your caretakers- things surrounding intelligence, direction, and lechery. I hope that they will relinquish their scruples to your fate, and that perhaps you will see a glimmer of love as snow drifting downwards to your doorstep to blanket you in numbness as you venture outwards into the unknown.
Paul Hardwick  Sep 2015
P o P !
Paul Hardwick Sep 2015
Pop words
Pop play
Pop was
Pop and go
Pop in
Pop out
Pop far out man
POP aRt if you do not think that right just ask Andy Warhol
Pop dead
Pop is still alive now just watch ads on TV
Pop down the shops
Pop in a pin, on the internet

with love my

P O P  P ets
True but the poem above is still surreal

;-)   P@ul.
Jesibell arz Mar 2015
Your heart may be cut, cracked, broken and bleeding but deep down within, you would rather not believe it!

So you seek a gust of wind that can lift you off your feet, then you wonder in your mind if your thoughts could see defeat!

Alot of memories soon fade but they don't never really die so I promise to hold you tight and not let go when you cry!

For the beauty in your heart is something money couldn't buy and I hope  you believe in faith because your heart should never lie!

I* wanna take away the pain while I kiss away your tears, let it out and let it go ma... There is nothing here to fear!

Lets watch our souls light the way so we can love another day, just envision us together and forever be my bae!
Made me smile &:)

— The End —