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May 2013
Have you killed in your dreams?
Have you been attacked in your
Have you ever seen Reptilian ETs chew
Have you ever seen hybrids swim in copper liquid?
Have you ever heard the Dragon Queen
giggle as evil spreads?

They **** people in some
underground bases
Have you ever imagined that you could
turn androgynous?
Have you ever been brainwashed and
programmed to work for the Shadow Men?
Have you ever witnessed messages
being sent to the silicon people?
Have you ever seen how handicapped
people are genetically engineered?
Have you ever read about how diseases are manufactured?

Have you ever seen a home break?
Have the tears of fallen women ever
dripped on you?
Have you ever seen a heart of
unconditional love tear?
Has it ever occurred to you that we are locked in 3D?
Has it ever occurred to you that we are
mind-controlled slaves?
Did you know that poverty is
Did you know that wars are a way to make profit?
Did you know that our lives are
planned and we work for mob and
royal families who own banking

Have you ever shared giggles with the
Have you ever seen how humans are
used for scientific and medical
Did you know that advanced life forms feed on the energy of humans?
Have you ever seen witches at peak
And the cat cries like a baby, and you're
crying out somebody save me
Have you ever been invited to hell and cities of gold?
Tell me, would you be a soldier bold
when all these evil stories are told?

Do you know Evil?
Written by
SeeNhlanhla Moment  29/M/Witbank, South Africa
(29/M/Witbank, South Africa)   
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