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Jason Paul Klenetsky
47/M/Florida    Published Poet, Artist, Writer, Creative Thinker. Twitter: @GonzoJ40
Joel A Doetsch
St. Louis, MO    Pretending to be a writer in my spare time. DFTBA
False Poets
how oft in life do we presume, take for granted grants so extra-ordinary that we forget to remember the extra and see only the ordinary. ...
here & there.    tired 90% of the time © k.r.
Deborah Sweetsilverbird Birch
67/F/Vancouver    ..a Canadian writer and published poet for many years; my poetry sometimes says much with just a few words. On the internet I have been ...
Betsy Garris
have a little faith. |b.g.|
Taetso Tshegofatso Makutu
Nelspruit ,south Africa   
Peacock Secrets
40/F/USA    A NY native who's spent years in the abroad. Bilingual. Duke Alumna. Scientist. Environmentalist. Social Justice Warrior. Teacher. Black Woman. Word-Smith. Muslimah. Traveler. Penning the ...
south africa    holding onto something, only that something is nothing.
16/Gender Fluid/i... i just woke up    if you ever see me write something, feel as if a miracle just happened, for i never have the time
Hidden Secrets
F/No where    There are poems inside of me that paper can not handle and as a result I burn like wild fire deep within, fierce and bold, ...
18/F/No where Safe    For the books Ive read that introduced me to poetry
southern africa   
chuck a stetson
I’m a music loving, distortion crazy, thick compressed tonal poet. The world is a I- IV- V7 change waiting to happen. My poetry is created ...
Flor Boetsch
Argentina    I love art. Sometimes I´m afraid of many things, even my mind.
Not much to say about me, just a normal person with a gothic soul. No one special who hides away in the shadows, afraid of ...
Alex Sheets
Mt.Pleasant tn    Never surrender, its true you will suffer, fall prey to madness, wander the plains of your personal hell, but if its worth all that pain ...
Julie Roland Spets
Oslo    I´m a walking cliche of an adolescent midlife crisis. Sue me.
Meghan Letson
20/F/America    I write for everyone and in every way because no two people will ever be the same and neither should be two poems.

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