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my right hand is tainted
my left is just as bad
i have nothing to do but write
but writing is all i have
the worst thing about me
is my past of scars
i keep it hidden
behind mindful bars
for every laugh
I've shed a tear
for every person to die here
every boy
every girl
every creature in this world
be quiet they say
this worlds not cruel
its only the beginning
of the
tyrants rule
and they say
so your a friend
of the dark
they pity me
but the "holy" bark:
"you don't know the angels, hark!"

but i don't want to know the angels, man
they're like a dogs at your ankles, and
when i did i was in shackles, can
you see the holy one, man

if you seek the holy one, man
just look inside of "man."
fishtroll the hag
has the skin of a rag
and nails like the meanest witch
fishtrolls' a bully
her hair is unruly
and she as the worst
is a b
post traumatic stress disorder
got to get my thoughts in order
in my head i'm one big hoarder
of all the thoughts of my disorder
struggle to compart the scenes
or find out what they mean

i have nightmares
i can't share
if you ask me
they aren't there
only now that i'm awake
i have this feeling
i cant shake
my therapist asks me
with that face
if its real
if its fake
but it was real
i tried to wake
but this nightmare is like a snake
hello world,
i'm *ucked up in the mind
i hope you don't mind, but
i'm socially confused, and
please keep in mind
when i speak i am kind
and racially color blind
but if you don't mind,
i'm *ucked up in the mind.
can I get an omen?
any kind will do!
maybe a good one,
and maybe soon.
if its a bad one
i'll have to make do.
offers always open
even if not
your silence is golden.
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