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patty m Jan 31
Yesterday China shocked the world with its experimentation
of gene editing babies.  
A prominent US doctor took part in this experimentation.  

My daughter asked me, "wasn't it illegal to do this experimentation?

Yes my darling, it is illegal here in the US,  It's very dangerous to experiment on unborn babies or newly born babies, it's a genetic cocktail, and they have no idea of the consequences.    

Yet according to some people and new state laws, they can ****
the unborn or a newly birthed child without a blink of the eye. . There's no consequence or caring, they just ***** out a life.  Then they harvest the child's organs even the skin and sell it.  Quite profitable I hear. 

God bless the babies, who knows what these darlings could have accomplished, now we'll never know.
My granddaughter Abby almost died the day she was born.  She was out of the amniotic fluid and in extreme danger but we didn't know it.  Thank god, Kelly had a meeting for her diabetes that day, she didn't want to go but Mike took her.  When she got there they saw the baby was in extreme distress and performed an emergency operation.  Baby  Abby had to stay in intensive care for weeks with all kinds of scary possibilities hanging over her head .  But she battled through and thrived, How blessed is this gift, I thank God everyday.
Hashim ZK  Sep 2017
Hashim ZK Sep 2017
Nothing beats the power, the beauty, and the purity of those two little innocent eyes that stare at you: that which cries but are not sad; that which smiles and puts your corrupted soul to shame. Its mere glimpse has you surrendered; the masks shattered. There's nothing as powerful a mirror as them. There's nothing as divine as them. Try as much as you may, you shall never defeat them, at least not for that brief period of time. It holds you captive, and you would always want to remain so, such is its power of enchantment.
I had written this a few years back on receiving the prompt. The word was 'Mask'.
Joanna Jul 23
Observing nature,
and the fruit therein,
I see ducks and
their babies begin,

a journey of survival,
in a process to win
another day above ground,
versus getting caught
in a predators wind,

Beating the cycle
of life, despite any
obstacles of strife.
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