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Martin Rasmussen Sep 2010
Oh, ye little seed
why must ye be so bold
in all endeavors
most of which
are immigration

Oh, ye drop of clouded fluid
could not ye stay and say
that out might be good
but like home is no place.

'Tis my hope
at least for a time
in Kansas ye'll stay
Martin Rasmussen May 2010
It's funny
I speak to no-one
the way I speak to you

It's sad
I listen to no-one
now I've listened to you
Martin Rasmussen Apr 2010
Was he worth it?
Was he really that great?
Really that big?

That you would put what we had on the line?
Without without feeling shame that you're lyin'?
Without letting me know that your body's not in it?

I hope I die tryin'

To get past this problem without bitter regret
that I did not **** you. But took the bet
That you would return
But no, I feel like ****.

I hope you die lyin'
Martin Rasmussen Apr 2010
Your words don't have sounds
that's why they cut so deep
like a scream in a lounge
when all are trying to sleep

You hover through the dark
insisting like crawling creep
but since your body gave a bark
you've made it hard for me to sleep

You're all that we wish we didn't see
but though the evil stole your voice
I look a you like a continental devide
and refuse to sleep
Martin Rasmussen Apr 2010
I'd like to think you love me
but when the other said she did
all reason went to hell
and my thoughts on you went with

Cuz' I really need the ***
and I thought you'd understand
though it's a leap of faith
to let go of your hand

**** punctuation
when I'm expressing myself
all I need is words
and let them fly like birds

I don't think you loved me
but if you ever will
that would be a thrill
Martin Rasmussen Apr 2010
I really seem to love you
but the words are stuck
lodged inside my gut
beneath my beating heart

I really seem to love you
but I lock the words away
and wonder over grammar
even with nothing to say

I really seem to love you
and it would seem you care
but I can do without you
although it's hard to bear.
Martin Rasmussen Mar 2010
I've bled out those words
that fell from your mouth
that made me feel so loved.

I hope you bleed from the mouth
and that you'll never stop
'till you drown in that pus
that made me feel so loved.

I hope I'll find that love again
that made me feel so real
even if it wasn't
I'd take the ****
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