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Aug 2016
Babies babies they are so cute you see
I love babies yeah they are very cute
You see they sit in their crib
And they really in a cute way they cry
You see babies are cute
They keep their parents up all night
And they do all their baby talk
To each and every other baby in sight
You see they look cute
You ****** beaut
Babies are very cute
The cutest in the land
Babies babies the cutest in the land
They are so very tiny, dude
As they cry all day and night
Their parents get *******
Their bodies feel very rough
And they are too tiny to be tough but they are cute
And you ****** beaut
Babies are the best
I like babies because they are ****** cute
The babies cry for attention
Too many times to mention
But they are cute you ****** beaut
Cute little babies yeah
Babies babies are the cutest yeah they look so cute and
You can really admire them yeah they like the words tickle tickle Tum Tum and around and around the garden begging everybody's pardon
Babies are cute and really true blue babies are very cute
And they sit there saying goog goo gah gah
Babies are the cutest humans in this very good land
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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