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You promised me
The Stars and the Moon
She reminded

Yes I did
I promised you the Stars
And the Moon
A pure darkness
That kind, you get in your sleep
That's the baseline
To witness the Stars
And the Moon
To see the light
To see me
And to see us

Thank you
Yes, I did
Genre: Romantic
When I help someone ,
Or carry out a good deed,
Instead of people thanking me,
I tell them to remember me in their prayers,
Cause Allah answers other people's prayers quicker,
Which makes my life better and happier,
And I am motivated to do more good.
 Feb 2021 Sandra Lee
 Feb 2021 Sandra Lee
We are not
in the same boat,
but we are
in the same storm,
you have a massive ship.
and all i have is a
 Jan 2021 Sandra Lee
Jon York
                                         paw prints on the floor

                    SLOBBERY  KISSES  ON  MY  FACE
                        nose prints on my windows

                             dog hair on my clothes and bed sheets

                      NO  ROOM  IN  MY  BED

                      For there will come a day when
                       these things will be missed.

                     MY  SUNSHINE   DOESN'T COME  FROM  THE  SKIES

                       It comes from the love
                                                that's in my dogs eyes.
                                                                                                Jon York   2019
 Jan 2021 Sandra Lee
Edmund black

What we know
May not be so.

What we want
May not be good for us.

What happens
May not be what we expected

We may believe
Our blessings are being blocked

When really the block
Could be the blessing

We’re seeking

We must learn
To bend like the trees.
 Nov 2020 Sandra Lee
Peace II
 Nov 2020 Sandra Lee
I think I finally know
What I mean by
“I need peace”

It’s not that I want things to stop
Because let’s face it
They never will

It’s more peace of mind
To accept the
Chaos and
learn thrive in it
In the seemingly endless void, a door sits in the center.
A light shines a circle around the door.
You may knock on the door, but will someone answer?
This door is decorated, colored, and shaped in its own unique way.
This door leads to someone's life.
Just because it's there does not mean to interact, however, it doesn't not mean to either.
Would you go to the door and destroy it, despite the acknowledgment that it is not yours?
Would you like the same in return?
Then don't do that to someone's life.
You blow on a birthday cake Hard, singing"HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Then everybody gets to eat a piece of cake.
No no no no! I would think twice........
 Aug 2020 Sandra Lee
Be  —>    Become  —>    Becoming  —>   Became  
(is/was)        (will be)        (working to be)      (is/was)

Even progress has a past that isn't permanent;
Challenge your character for constant change...
[be better]
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