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Aug 2015 · 348
Salacious Alice Aug 2015
Subtle thoughts ..
Yet clear picture..
From those eyes to lips..
I Cud Write a Book,
And be more precise..
#micropoetry #haiku
Jul 2015 · 290
Salacious Alice Jul 2015
I can hear the wind..
I can feel the clouds slowly moving..
I can smell the rain..
I feel a storm moving in..
Is it weather o jus my heart..
#micropoetry #haiku #love
Jul 2015 · 352
You & Me
Salacious Alice Jul 2015
Missing You Missing Me
Loving You Loving Me
Caring You Caring Me
Feeling You Feeling Me
Needing You Needing Me
Wanting Yoh Wanting Me
Jul 2015 · 267
Salacious Alice Jul 2015
The moon is too pretty for my eyes ..
But i cant look away ..
Oh Moon..u remind me of a person,
Who use to remind me of yuh..
#micropoetry #Love
Jun 2015 · 524
Salacious Alice Jun 2015
Ur the deep Ocean iv been drowning in..
The vast blue sky that consumes me..
To the moon and back..
Ur the reason im Smiling..
My one and only...
You my darling You..
Jun 2015 · 291
Salacious Alice Jun 2015
The soft breeze is giving me beautiful poetry..
But wen i look at the clouds..
I don knw wer to put those words..
And the moon helps me think again & clear my mind..
As i write in the sky full stars..
With all the Love in my heart..
Just for you my Darling BabyLove..
#love #poem #lovesick
Jun 2015 · 734
Salacious Alice Jun 2015
Ur eyes .. Ur lips.. Ur hair.. Ur skin.. Ur wrinkles wen u smile... How i adore everything about u...
Jun 2015 · 600
Ur Mine!!
Salacious Alice Jun 2015
Ur my moon my stars..
My moments my thoughts...
My happiness my charm..
My Love my world..
May 2015 · 750
Salacious Alice May 2015
Saying yes to al the No's
For al the rights
For al the smiles
For every piece of this ❤️
For every dream
Most of al,for the Love.
May 2015 · 328
A Thought..
Salacious Alice May 2015
Wer ever you go
Wer ever ur mind wander
Wen ever u fyl blue
Wen evryone arnd u leaves
Close ur eyes..
il be there to make u smile..
#micropoetry #love #feelings #random
Apr 2015 · 686
..My Obssession..
Salacious Alice Apr 2015
Surreal thoughts devour me..
Like an echo from an ancient god..
Yuh keep summoning me..
Lure me in to this mess..
But i cant stop..
I cant refuse..
Coz this i have for yu,
Is beyond my control..
Its a sin i cant walk away from..
Apr 2015 · 444
Il Go Away ...
Salacious Alice Apr 2015
Il hang on..
Ul wonder..
Il drown..
Ul watch..
Il fall..
Ul never see..
Il burn..
Ul light a cigarette..
Il go away..
Ul forget..
#random #poem #micropoetry #love #sad
Apr 2015 · 505
Salacious Alice Apr 2015
It comes ..
It goes..
It leaves marks on my aching heart..
It took forever..
And a second..
To change what was..
And create to something new..
A storm..
A nightmare..
A fire..
An eruption of endless misery..
And slowly..carelessly..& utterly..
Left with no trace..
Apr 2015 · 386
Salacious Alice Apr 2015
What i am to yu is not what u need..
What i am to yu is a thick smoke..
What i am to yu is something insignificant..
What i am to yu is jus another lie..
What i am to yu is A wasted time..
What i am to yu is Like quicksand..
What i am to yu is A false pretense ..
What i am to yu is a word with no meaning..
What i am to yu is A tear that lost its way down..
What i am to yu is A sad story..
What i am is simply nothing to yu!
Apr 2015 · 506
Shoulda Woulda Coulda...
Salacious Alice Apr 2015
Thinking about how it COULD be. Thinking about how it SHOULD be. Thinking about how it SUPPOSED to be. Thinking about how it was just MEANT to be..and it just HAS TO BE.. Just BE..
Apr 2015 · 1.1k
::You Fucked Up::
Salacious Alice Apr 2015
Just wen i believed::
Jus wen i hoped::
Jus wen i smiled::
You ****** up::
Apr 2015 · 1.1k
Iv Missed ...
Salacious Alice Apr 2015
I miss being on ur Page.
I miss the tags.
I miss u on my newsfeed.
I jus miss us.
I guess im used to it now.
Iv missed it so much..
Apr 2015 · 2.3k
Right O Wrong?!
Salacious Alice Apr 2015
I guess i was wrong..
I was once right..
Ur the wrong i thought was right..
The right tht went so wrong..
The love so wrongfully right...
Apr 2015 · 373
A war on my mind
Salacious Alice Apr 2015
Never has it been done before
Ever has it been a problem for yu
Forever this black dot u left on my heart
Not clever of yuu to **** my life this way..#awaronmymind

— The End —