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Way out here in outer space
Searching every distance place
The Moon's so cold without your embrace

I'm still here in flight
Way out past the satellite
Hoping one day we may reunite

Rising quickly is my frustration
Knowing for me there is no salvation
As I see your face in every  constellation

I can't see the silver lining
Even with all the stars still shining
Because all I can do is keep on crying

Loves resurrection is over due
So I will keep on searching for you
Just leave me a **** bread trail, a clue

Because on earth you'll never be again
My heart will never be whole, never mend
The death of everything is the wages of our sin

©Pauline Russell
With you now gone
With no one to hold on
Emotions are mine alone
Mine to own

All alone I'll keep my secret
I know just where I'll keep it
I'll keep them in my pen, my ink
Deep into the paper I'll let it sink

This universe is so ******* cruel
Suffering here without you
You where my rock, my Dimond
Now who is all alone... Well I am

So I feverishly scratch, like cat with claw
I write it all out, big and loud on my wall
After I'm gone, maybe someone will read
Till that day my pen will still bleed
Splitter splatter, pitter patter,  rain dance my cares away
Pitter patter, splitter splatter, on this cold and lonely day

Doing your tap dancing on the crisp Fall leaves
In your rhythm all my worries are relieved

Slapping out the tune on the old evergreen
The most beautiful sound I have ever seen

Splitter splatter, beating on my windowpane
Trying to break my heavy mental chain

Pitter patter, rapidly tapping on the glass
Trying to warn me, of shadows yet to be cast

©Pauline Russell
I am who I am
I am powerful
I wonder about the sky and sea
I hear the voices of fallen angels
Their cries, their screams and their smiles
I see the reflection of beauty
The beauty of me
I want everyone to believe that
I am who I am

I pretend to be other person in the room
The other me
I feel the hope flaring
I touch it; the ball of light and darkness
I worry that it’s leaving and is going to go
I cry for the ones that have left
I am who I am

I understand a lot of things
But the rest remains a mystery
I dream of me and what I’m like
I try to focus on dreams and happiness
I end up failing and sadly dying
I hope for the dream
I desire for the reality of life
To come and see what I have to give
In exchange for my life
I am who I am
And that will never change
This is who I am so I give myself up for the judgement of the *****.
Born into a world
With an unfinished song
Each morning she caws
Singing her dismal tune
Syncing into my anatomy
A new verse for the unsung
I praise her dark wonder
For she is a wise sage
Teaching me the music of life
Preparing for the silence of death.
I followed the leaf-strewn path once more
Where it hugged the cemetery wall,
And made my way through the sandstone gap
Where the howl of the wind was stalled,
While snow still covered the sacred ground
And piled by each headstone lay,
Obscured the lettering, so profound
Of a love, now taken away.

And some of the headstones, cracked and worn
Cried out in their pure neglect,
Where were the ones their love had sworn
Who’d never visited yet?
But then a headstone, polished and new
With a name fresh cut in the stone,
I knelt in awe as my wonder grew
That beauty returned to bone.

My tears were frozen on either cheek,
The frost on my forehead lay,
If she could see from her reverie
She’d see that my face was grey,
But nothing stirred on that tiny mound
That covered her form below,
The wind that howled was the only sound
And I thought it told me to go.

‘Get up and leave, you can only grieve
In this garden of dead desire,
Love in this place may only deceive
It’s as dead as the ash in a fire.’
Sadly I placed the poem I wrote
For the girl, in case she’d need it,
Under a rock by the headstone there
In the hopes that Death might read it.

David Lewis Paget
Looking for a bottle
Nothing here to find
Feeling the need to get totally wasted
Inside my head it's already a dark night

I'm on my knees
With a knife in my head
Waiting for the voice
To say I should be dead

Please dont say goodbye
Remember when you said hi?
It was the best day of my life.
Now it's me, myself and my ****** knife.
I can't get up
The struggle is too real
Should go take a shower
Wash my hair
And it'll be fine.
But the thoughts in my head
Do not agree
Stay here,
inside you're dead.
Stay in the couch
It's safer here.
But I wanna get up
And do something useful
'cause I already am
so cruel to myself.
Haven't showered in days
But why should I care about that
Thinking about
Sliding the knife across my skin
Would it then
be better within?
No, yes, I don't know
The thoughts in my head
make me feel like I'll explode
Help me, help me
I want control.
I wanna take a shower
get out of this hole.

I can't do this
Not alone
But waiting for you
to get back
makes me feel bad even more.
I wanna do it for you
So we can go to the store
Go shopping together
I want even more

I want to lay here with you,
actually smelling nice
Because I feel so useless.
Couldn't even do the dishes
Couldn't even clean the house
It's so hard for me
Don't have the energy
But I know that I should
I just have to get up,
but see,
there's that problem again..
copyrights: Sem Kristina
Broken people live in the valley
Where the river flows with ****
Suicide rises like the sickness tally
Depression they call it

Drugs are legal and recomended
Anything to avoid the outcome
Anything for a heart mended
Love is too weak for some

God is called upon in times of need
But He is too far away
To hear
The pleed
Save me dear God


But they hold on
To a thread
Because they know

There is the smallest possibility
That they will wake up one day
The world will lose its hostility
And they will be on their way

Out of the valley of sadness
Into the soft lit day light
Love will fill the night
And they will have peace with
The badness
Make peace with the past. And get all the help you can find.
My friends describe me
as a man of few verbal words.
Funnily, the words are chosen
poorly for someone who
thinks so much about what
a person should and shouldn't say.

Last year, a classmate told me
she would get at least three words
out of me before our study group
quit for the night. I responded,”You lose”.
I saw the moment, and I pulled a Calvin Coolidge. I don't know if I'll have another chance in my lifetime.
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