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She whispers, it soothes my ears
Cuddling every cord in it to freshness
Oh! What an inanimate so dear.
Can't trade nothing for
My love for her

A touch of her strand trolls my neck
Awakening my numb self to realities
I hear what's not said clear and correct
She's about the truth as they're spoken
Can't explain my love for her

When I'm blue, she's got the right words
Our bond so inseparable, like siamese
I'd take no walk without my burd
Forever together strapped to my ears
She's worth more than my love for her.
Sleek as they drip off me
Making you eager to droop and scoop
Every drop like a leech would human blood
But wait, a gorge won’t save your hungered
Soul as my every bit leaves you wanting for more

Dismount your obsessive horse
Of carting away my very essence
Plea me your sins, I forgive like a reverend
Also bring penance as a godsend
For I have what you want and won’t pretend

A soul to spill the lie you want to hear
To cuddle the truth and make her fall asleep
In the imaginary arms of a lullaby princess
Yea! ‘tis what I deal you and very well
Tempting your every fiber to a fault

Girdling my tongue leaves you a goner
For with its wobbling there is succor
Contagious enough to infect Mr. Nobody
Reach the saddened with hope to laugh
Again, saving a tooth from obscurity.
It's so bad not to see
And acutely wrong not to be
That fella in your all-night sleep of dreams
What's worst?.... dreaming not being.
It is no better than seeing
Only that which is seen but not in the dream.
Wanna sail across an ocean In a sailboat
Surrounded by sea and no land.
Meet Mr devil and
Return with him as a scapegoat.

Wanna be in a beach in Sienna,
Feel the wind surging through my hair  
Keeping me cool, fresh and fair
Like I had it with my old county duenna

I want breakfast in Venice
Another meal in the Manhattan island.
Visit the Vatican City as a tyrant
Sip liqueur from the pope's chalice

I want a bottle of the finest wines
With the warmth of a woman
In the cool of salient shades, man!
The feeling soothes the spines

I want a night of jazz music
With the great MVC in concert
Kissing the right keys offered
I'll  nod to the strokes of the acoustic

Wanna stand on a summit, smoke
Cuba and feel the sun on my face
As it burns my past and leaves no trace
Regarding the yesterday folk

Most of all, I want to sleep
Like when I was just a boy
In my mama's arm. Oh What joy!
To feel again so deep.
Fantasy dreams want hopes tomorrow future guts
Profane are my deeds and I love it
Cobain is my twin, I'll **** me
For no reason but because I love me
And I take what I love
Not minding if it be a sacrilege.

Not minding if it be a sacrilege,
We sing Odes to gods and spirits
Converge in lust and secrets
Against our shadowy behalf.
With no stain of guilt,
our conscience we starve.

A toe in the wrong direction makes
Homecoming a weary traverse
Sharpen your wit to chop folly
It's him who makes you unholy
Seizes and turns you a weak pleb
Not minding if it be a sacrilege.

Irreverence trifles the soul albeit
Let the fern come aloft where it ought
Crucify none but in your court
For the goblin loves his face
In the mirror, he'd gaze
Not minding if it be a sacrilege.
Drowning in a cesspool of wishes
Destiny swims no farther than fishes.
Diligence seduces the tide,
She elopes, makes her a bride.

The singing bird sings,
The humming bee stings.
Inactivity kills the sweet dreamer but
Also exalts not the lazy ****.

Puff your blunt, roll up your sleeves
Kiss your tools, empty your sheaths
Pray your hands grind the right mill,
Your hustle will have you chill.
Specially Dedicated to A friend Kcee.
Blessed African child
Get your thoughts scrutinized
Seep the way of the Noble-man
Why remain a green-horn?
Blow off son! Get heard like a ship's horn

Plan to dig if you've sown.
Whatever springs and blooms like the bud
Only got caressed like nature's own
Lace every minute fearfully
Pull stars from the skies
You may need a lamp through life's path.

Days whispering secrets yet untold
Skirts and trousers madly deaf.
Ears stuffed with lust and can't hear
Wouldn't arrest wise counsel whilst it paroled
playing wan-na-bes in frail hopes of success
Wake up, redirect your dream compass

Chase crazily after your true being
'tis sweeter than sowing white oats
And better than any pas-de-deux.
Dive in deep like the great bluebill
Trade time wisely o blessed African
Time's spilling out, do much now you can.
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