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 Nov 2015 Ra
James Jarrett
Let your children grow cold
Cold and hard as stone
Let your hot tears never fall on their skin
Let them go to the ground
Alone and without you
May your sorrow and grief
Never see them again
Never give the last goodbyes
May you be given as you have given
Not a measure more
Nor a measure less
May grief and misfortune
Follow you for what you have done
For you have forsaken a mothers love
And denied her
Her dead son
There is nothing more despicable than to deny a mother her goodbye to her only son. A funeral held in secret with the only intent being harm while she weeps into a baby blanket. Sometimes I can't believe the depths of depravity that people will go to to be vindictive.
 Nov 2015 Ra
Andrew Switzer
 Nov 2015 Ra
Andrew Switzer
Dying love in a gilded cage,
Imprisoned by my pent up rage.
You never loved me, but neither did I,
The last gift you gave was the gift of goodbye.
 Nov 2015 Ra
The one
 Nov 2015 Ra
I've been told I was the one
but I always managed to turn
into the first one
of many others
Am I of any good
or am I just that boring &
extensive chapter of that
one old book
on the dusty shelf on your
Sometimes I may be hard to read
I understand that,
but I would never leave you waiting
for a nonexistent plot
just to find out that
in the end,
I am still the same
sad & hard cover old book
lost in between many others
in that shelf
inside your mind.
still, i am a book
and still
some day,
some lover
will find me.
 Nov 2015 Ra
Day Wing
 Nov 2015 Ra
Day Wing
What are broken hearts
        ... but souls who dared
May these lines echo deep
 Nov 2015 Ra
Dreams of Sepia
4 a.m rain, don't leave me now
we've got things to talk about
like how my clocks have stopped
& the loneliness of this heartbeat
& if you ever wish you were the sun instead
& if there is an afterlife
once human souls evaporate from the earth
& I know how the grey pavement glistens
under your touch, so let me keep
that beauty for a while longer
take a walk with me
let me dance to your drum's music
this unnaturally mild November
while the neighbors sleep
& the last leaves cling to the trees
dreaming of their bygone Springs
& Innocence
 Nov 2015 Ra
 Nov 2015 Ra
I can't breathe.

The air that you
so proudly gave me
is sickening.

I'm choking on every word
you said
whenever you claimed
we'd last.

We failed and I promise you
it wasn't my fault.

You were the one who wanted to push
my limits.
I said no and you said yes,
so you won.

I'm sorry that I wasn't
mature enough
for you yet
even though I was older.

I wanted more things in life,
while you wanted
texts and anything
that I refused.

You left and I
didn't cry.
It was for the best that we
went our different ways,
but I can't stop
thinking of what
we could've been
if you actually
loved me.
 Jun 2014 Ra
SG Holter
June 4th
 Jun 2014 Ra
SG Holter
I woke up 35 today.
Thought it wouldn't feel
Any different from 34, but
This time...

I'll buy an extra few flowers
For my mother.
It's her day too.

I'll buy my dad a cigar and a
Cold one.
For all the gray hairs.

I'll thank my brother for
Just that
For 33 years,

And my girlfriend for not
Minding what we
Both think
Might be the earliest whiffs
Of an 'old-man-smell'
On me.

It's the first rainy day in weeks.
I'll have a
Few beers too many tonight,
And just stand in the downpour.
I'm an adult now; I don't
Have to wear a raincoat.

It's my party and I'll
Laugh hysterically

If I want to.
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