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 Jul 2017 Ra
Tell me I'm the best thing that's happend to you in a very long time, but you don't feel me in your heart yet.

Give me a 'yet'
Give me a 'but maybe with time'
Give me a lie that I can cling to.
I want this to last a while longer.
 May 2017 Ra
Falling in love.
 May 2017 Ra
Ten thousand leaves fell
with a single wisp of air
that escaped from your lips
as you smile;

that is how rapturously I fell in love
with you.
 Aug 2016 Ra
Lauren R
I want to write about the debilitating soulfulness with which I love you and your broken heart and gentle hugs.

I can't seem to find the words to describe how soft the blue of your eyes is.

I can't find the right bat of my eyelashes to show you what my mind is wrapped around.

I cannot laugh in the right way to express bubbling joy, swelling memories.

My heart aches itself to the size of a quasar, begging to find a word greater than love.
 Jun 2016 Ra
Laura Duran
First Love
 Jun 2016 Ra
Laura Duran
Tender, sweet
he kisses me
Lips touch
shivers much
We're no longer friends

Gasp, sigh
Feeling high
Heart pounds
Love abounds
May it never end

Bare skin
let's begin
Hands explore
wanting more
Point of no return

Rapid breathing
Mind is reeling
Waves of pleasure
beyond measure
Our bodies seem to burn

Pulse slows
Gently doze
We embrace
I feel so safe and warm

Hold tight
through the night
Time flies
Sun rise....
and I wake in true love's arms
 Mar 2016 Ra
JR Potts
She Was Wild
 Mar 2016 Ra
JR Potts
She was wild like skinny dipping at midnight, stars watching overhead and falling in love with moonlight. The way it lay upon her skin made the ocean envious of her depths within and sometimes between us. She was my sister, not in blood but in orbit. A Venus to my Earth, forged from the same collapsing star and if the universe was in fact to be infinite then this moment would happen again, and again, and again an immeasurable number of times. I found comfort in this thought, knowing though our existence was meaningless, it was still full of feeling, and this feeling, right now, it insisted on existing forever.
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