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pôr do sol Jun 17
I want to walk with you
through empty parking lots at 2am
And talk about all the things that don’t seem real
At 2am
Like we’re in some kind of parallel universe
Where the world falls silent
And our stories echo through the night
We would be unstoppable
At 2am
When everything that could ever come in our way
Is fast asleep
With only you by my side
At 2am
I swear
we could do it all
pôr do sol Jun 1
When you feel my skin so close to yours,
Do you want to place your fingertips where your eyes so often go?
And do I make your heart flutter and your mind go numb?
And am I that girl who just might turn your world around?
pôr do sol May 27
I write poetry
and paint sunsets with those words
I lie on rooftops
until the sky's adorned with birds
I dream with music in my mind
and in colours you haven't heard of
To you,
I am beautiful
I am something different
I will fill the hole in you
your emptiness brimming with laughter
I will lift your feet off the earth and plant them into my heart
but you will keep digging -
trying to unbind my roots
But I am not gentle, as that flower
You cannot like what you see, and pluck me out of the water
I am not what I seem on the surface
I am a flood
and I leave destruction in my wake
I will wash away all the paths you've ever walked on
and I will leave you astray
if you'll ever find your way back
pôr do sol May 23
I danced today
I danced away my sorrows
Let me teach you how-

Don’t play that song and wander off with your thoughts
Let it flow through you
As if it is a part of you
Close your eyes
Because your mind is a sculptor
And it will create art with the sounds you let inside

No, those words are not for you, my love
They were written for someone else
But listen
For music is a strange language -
It speaks to us all in sundry ways

So hold your breath
And when you exhale
Melancholy will lift off your shoulders and join hands with the wind
All you will feel is this melody
On every inch of your skin
Between the raised hairs and the little bumps
Until your body starts to sway
And your feet aren’t grounded

Now take my hand
And let’s dance away our sorrows
pôr do sol Apr 16
Darling, dilute my skies
Into silver wisps of hopes and dreams
For they are dark and starless
Bring me the moon, my love
To illuminate our waters
For they are dark and bottomless

Come, we will swim against the current
Weave your fingers into mine
Create a tapestry of love
And keep us warm on these cold nights
For they are dark and endless
pôr do sol Dec 2019
"Why do you not write about your joys,
And only about your sorrows?"

"When there are no words,
There is silence in my head,

There is peace."
pôr do sol Apr 2019
Don't speak harshly,
Your words will form swords in me

Touch my cheek; speak gently,
And they will form worlds in me
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