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 Mar 2020 Nicole
Sal AK
 Mar 2020 Nicole
Sal AK
To stay away from the bodies of other beings
To keep a safe distance
To deny the pleasure of touch,

As much to make it seem a new concept
We’ve been distancing long before the panic spread

To stay away from feeling other’s feelings
To keep a safe distance
To deny the vulnerability of connection,

Give credit where it’s due
To distance is the best we do.
 Oct 2019 Nicole
 Oct 2019 Nicole
Oh darling,
Tears won’t wash it away,
Your lies stain
 Oct 2019 Nicole
J Rodriguez
I had a lot of anger because of unanswered questions
 Oct 2019 Nicole
poetry luv
 Oct 2019 Nicole
pen on paper
excite me
more than
lips on lips
 Oct 2019 Nicole
you smelt of
nicotine and wild dreams
tapping your feet
to the music inside your head
that no one else could hear

& as you put away your box of cigarettes
i couldn't help but wonder
what it would be like
for you to be more addicted to me
than to *your marlboros
// oh love, we want the ones that we will grow to hate //
 Oct 2019 Nicole
Thank you for the gift of saying yes to me today.
It is an excess of generosity that you acquiesce to my request.
  "For You Yes"
You gave me a verbal diamond of a gift.
But as soon as I would have you bound to my passion's content...
I would look to free you.
As I feel so deeply for you,  that a moment of your bind would be an eternity of concern for me.
You were not born to be bound... a true Alpha.
Confiner of my affection.
Master of my body.
Premier in my mind.
North of my compass.  
Free & unbound;
I would have you no other way...
Just know that appreciate your generosity toward me and have never taken your interest for granted.
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