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Nicole Aug 2019
i was listening to this song
it reminded me of our promises
our story
every touch
all of them lingers

but no
i wasn't thinking of the present
i wasn't referring to what's in front of me
but to the guy who first broke my heart

this is the part that i despise myself
because up until now
im still stuck
with the idea of
Nicole Aug 2019
i heard my friends today
they hated our society, they say
they forgot
the society is them
its us

the mother of all mother
what happened in Amazona
will forever left me scarred
she does not deserve
this kind of cruelty

we destroyed
who saved us all
im sorry
but i lost all my hope
for humanity
What happened in Amazonia just saddens me so much. I dont want to live in this generation. We destroy what gave us air to breathe so much. It hurts seeing mother nature in this situation.
Nicole Oct 2019
I hate it when you smile
Hate it when you speak
I hate it when you laugh so hard
Hate it when your eyes are so beautiful to look at that i gasp for air

Ive hated it for aeons
And probably more

Those dashing curves arent from me
Your voice so good, doesnt speak love to me
Hell, i wasnt even the cause of those laughs And in your eyes, i was just a cheap prose

it will hurt and hurt and hurt
For a thousand times
For millions
probably more

Im not the princess in this fantasy
I was the girl always neglected, as you see
Anastasia or probably some random girl
Never picked
Never chosen
Nicole Aug 2019
take every chance you get
every single one
cause right now
all i feel is regret
for not taking that chance
on us
Nicole Sep 2019
I spy with my little eye
Your hands intertwine
With another and your favorite tie
Nicole Aug 2019
Allow me not to forget
let me pour this pain
until i exhaust myself
with the impossible idea of you

Allow me not to forget
the fragments of yesterday
the stars have witnessed it
the moonlight beams for it
as you slowly
held my hand
"im not in love with you anymore."
Nicole Aug 2019
"In a world where you can be anything, be kind."
Kind kindness poems love
Nicole Aug 2019
I know shes just a friend
But why does this heart
Whenever you look at her

It was never the same as how you looked at me
Nicole Sep 2019
you are every allegory
in my catastrophe
Nicole Aug 2019
guy with a jet black hair
like the sky without the moon
your beauty a flare
turned the night not a gloom

it fall in waves around him
floating me in romantization
i wish it was just his hair
but something else gravitated me

his eyes
even the cosmos is incomparable
even the word "beauty" cannot suffice
for he was much more

to the guy with the jet black hair
you melt me with your chocolate stare
ive loved you for a long time now
you deserve a "yes" no doubt
Nicole Aug 2019
and you were just there
sitting at the corner of my cabinet

     in a box
     full of photographs

wrapped in cinders
trapped inside are the memories

that will forever be treasured
I wrote this poem qhile crying on my bedroom floor. I found out my mom threw that memory box i had with my ex's memories with me. It was a heartbreaking moment for me that is why this piece was written
Nicole Aug 2019
a flower behind my ear
the sea air filling my lungs
i am waiting by the shore
in case you come back
Nicole Aug 2019
you were my museum curator
and he was my kingdom builder
never run back to what broke you
but why does my heart
choose to love
that museum curator
who left me scarred?
Nicole Sep 2019
If you were my bed
Id never want to leave

If you were my favorite book
Id read you all over again

But you're not

You were that bed sheet i should've replaced

You were that book  i should've just stuck at the corner of my shelf

And until this fragile heart
Hurts no more
And until the last allegory id think of you
I will always compare you
To every piece and every word
Because darling
I love you
Even if it hurts
Nicole Oct 2019
If you were picked
And thought you would be loved
Only to be left
Would you not develop thorns too?
A poem from my fav book
Nicole Aug 2019
Maybe i was a coward
For not bearing the same strength as you
Hello, love, goodbye
Im still afraid
As time pass by
This piece was inspired from the movie, "Hello,Love,Goodbye"
Nicole Aug 2019
my first love was
in the right place at the wrong time
my second love was
in the right time at the wrong place
and you
my last love
i may not have met you yet
but you're still in my prayers
Nicole Aug 2019
someone out there
is praying
for the moon
for you
Nicole Sep 2019
And i will wait for the day
That you'll realize
I stayed
Because you want me to

And ill wait for the day
That you'll realize
We need to leave
Because we deserve other souls too
Nicole Aug 2019
im still in daze
are you my love story?
or just
another picture to burn?
Nicole Mar 2020
ive always loved reading
especially when its about prince charming saving damsel in distress
especially when its about how a kiss can turn a frog into a prince

id look in every pair of eyes id meet
in hopes one of them would sweep me off my feet
im convinced that my love story would be a fairytale land
im convinced that happy ever after exist

when my prince finally came
i did not even recognize him at first glance
i wasn't convinced he's the one who'll make it all come true

but this prince
made me realize that ideals exists in books
this prince
didn't sweep me off my feet but made his way into my heart

there was never a happy ever after for us
because my prince now only exists in my memory
its a wonderful thing to be in love
and then again
im glad to have a fairyrale with you
Nicole Sep 2019
Magic words
That set me in trance

"I believe in you."
Nicole Mar 2020
I know its love
when he reads every favorite book i have on my shelf
when he knows every word to Passenger Seat
when he likes walking hand in hand with me

I can easily recognize love
by the way he ruffles his hair when he gets frustrated
i can see it on the way he chuckles when i attempt to make a good joke
the easiest recognition i know is not through his eyes, silly
but through his stomach when i see how his face light up when i bake him cookies

but when love came to me
he didn't even like to read because it bores him
he only knows the chorus of the Passenger Seat

i get annoyed when he ruffles his hair because he doesn't look cute as i imagined it would be
he didn't laugh on every jokes i make

despite the clash
love grew and stretched into multitudes
love fell and got back up
love is change
love is every flaw and mistake

love arrived when its supposed to
but love also leave when the universe tells it to
and in every moment i had with that love
was the realest thing i will forever carry

but that love will never vanish like a professional magician
it will only grow like baby teeth; removed, only to be replaced with stronger ones

love may come in a 2-month relationship
love may come in 30 years or so
love may come in hospital visits or a trip to the beach

i hope you never shut yourself with love
and when you do
find the courage to let it all in
and this time
you will discover an additional definition of what love is
Nicole Aug 2019
have you ever paid attention to the sky?
'cause i always do
from car rides to long walks
from sunrise til sunset

have you ever paid attention to how youve made me feel?
in a thousand different ways
you always do
from sunrise til sunset

— The End —