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PamelaH Sep 2016
I see myself in the fading flowers
That rest beneath the distant sun
Those whose growth has been cut short
By being surrounded by others' painful thorns

I see myself in their broken leaves
And grayish colors
I see myself in their silent griefs
And all their life-long sorrows
PamelaH May 2016
The opposite of love isn't hate
It's indifference.

It is leaving right before dawn
Opening my eyes as we kiss
Burning your letters
Collecting your tears
Ignoring your calls

Letting my feeling flow in the air
And never reaching you

Allowing you to believe I might hold your hand one day

The opposite of love is me.
PamelaH Jan 2016
When the city falls asleep
And the lights are all turned off
There’s a weeping you can hear

Of a mother
Of a child
Of a soldier
Of a heart
The weeping is prolonged

It torments me to compare
The tears that are being shed
To the thousands of stars on the evening sky

And how unfortunate for the moon
To have to witness such a fool
Writing so late at night

But this is something I cannot miss
A tear is often taken for granted
But many at once is such a bliss

It gives me hope
It fills me with faith
That people feel at night
Even if they hide behind a mask during the day
PamelaH Jan 2016
She pierced my heart with just a glance
I couldn’t help but laugh
At that poor, jealous girl

And even then, she kept my heart
And held out hers
For me to take
But I declined it
She’s just a jealous girl

Walking by, she looks down as I kiss another
I hold her hand
And dry her tears
Whisper a sweet word in her ear
But she’s just another
Jealous girl

Don’t text her back
Flirt with her friends
Who cares, right?
She’s only jealous

Years gone by
Bed’s gone cold
And now here I am
Writing about her

Her blood has turned into ink
Her sadness into love
And I can’t help but wonder:
Where the heck is my jealous girl?
PamelaH Jan 2016
He left me black and blue
Inside and out
They say words can’t hurt
But that’s a lie
Words can ****
That’s no surprise

He left me black and blue
PamelaH Dec 2014
By 7pm I will get dressed in my night gown
And leave the window open
Like some corny movie form the 70’s
I will hope you climb through my window and make love to me

By 8:30 I might turn on the news and mute the TV just to pretend I care about the world

At 9 I will turn my phone off, after checking 337 times if you have texted back
When suddenly realizing you have not
I will open the bottle of wine that’s hidden in my closet

By 10:30 I will probably be too drunk to realize I am drunk
So I will turn my phone back on
And realize love life is lacking
Or life at all

By 11 you will have turned your phone off
Probably annoyed at woman who keeps ringing

By 11:15 I will surrender into my room
Probably too drunk to stand on my own
I will turn computer on and begin typing

It’s 12:14 now.

Wondering if sheep count drunk women as they fall asleep
PamelaH Dec 2014
I was too distracted by the green in your eyes
That I forgot to hear your voice
When it was calling her name
And not mine

— The End —