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tian Aug 2015
Remember, when you said that you wanted to die?
Because of those countless accusations regarding your lies
I told you to stand up, live, just give it a try
But you still keep on asking me all your thousand whys
I'm speechless, unable to answer because of the thought I'm not wise
I punched my stomach, cause of anxiety, wanting to **** the butterflies
I still showed care towards you even my emotions were on disguise
You hugged me and whispered, "I'm HOPELESS" then you cried
I was there, I've swept the tears beneath your eyes
"I'm here for you and I will stand up for you" I replied
Slowly, our lips collide and they began to dramatize
This memory was just a proof that my efforts aren't denied
A precious moment of victory from suicide, because you SURVIVE!
Inspired by a movie. I put myself into the perspective of the boy who encourages the girl to keep moving forward and not to end her precious life. It's just awesome how sweet words can stop a person from committing suicide. Like words of encouragement and motivation. By the way, this isn't a love story. Sorry, hehe. Hope you enjoy my poems, more poems this coming September.

Just correct my grammar

tian Jul 2015
You were at the park, sitting all alone
I slowly walk towards you, like coming back home

You look so devastated, so i red you between the lines
I saw something bright into your eyes that makes me gaze from time to time

An interesting story, written by a majestic multi-awarded author
I want to be with you in a journey, that's all I ever hoped for

To knit some memories with you, to treasure every moments
Replace the aura of this place with pure euphoria elements

I want to be your jester, to tell jokes whenever you want to laugh
To do something distinct, like seeking the 'Great Perhaps'

But then you keep on telling me about this ghost in your past that haunts you
I listened like a child craving for bed time stories, that's what you want to

All of my thoughts suddenly dispersed and tossed like waste,
This will all end soon like my oblivious phase.
We've all been in this situation. An intense feeling towards someone. Our thoughts became connected to each point. Like a constellation. We come to think an adventure with someone whom we liked so deep. But then, it's just an infatuation and it will all end soon.

I hope I explained it well. Forgive me. I'm so drained.

From the album 'Unorthodox Kind of Poet'
I'll publish it soon
tian Jun 2015
Two years have passed since the ship set sail
Different paths connected to each other, bonds never fail
Memories well treasured, killing any doubts
Distance is just a measure, patience is what counts.

Happy Anniversary to my friend, Km. This is our second anniversary of being friends. Trials come to test our bond, but our strength is too much blessed by our God. Thank you for all Km.
tian May 2015
A raven lives inside my heart
Devouring its functions part by part
Veins and arteries, teared apart
Blood paints on a canvas, portrait of art

*To be continued
To be continued poem. The thought is missin g. So I'll continue this
tian May 2015
He Ditched you and left your heart in torment
He Summoned storm to ruin your sunny weather

*"He gives you moment, I'm willing to give you forever."
It's about a girl, with a broken heart. My lines her thought, my rhymes her taught. 2bars
tian Apr 2015
I'm sorry for making you feel worst,
Maybe I'll write lines with verse
I'm begging on my knees, to remorse
I damaged your heart, all the emotions burst
The pain I gave, it's not a curse
To make you feel special again, i am thirst
All my thoughts became one even though they're dispersed.
I'm sorry.
tian Apr 2015
Sa maraming taon na ating pagsasama
Maghihiwalay para sa panibagong gera
Bawat istorya tumatak sa utak nitong makata
Wag kayong iiyak, tayo'y muling magkikita.

*Ang pakikipagsapalaran sa susunod na kabanata
A special 4 bars set up for my batch mates in Highschool. It's also a Filipino poem written in our own language, tagalog.
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