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We judge girls for starving themselves
We call them ungrateful, insecure, and shameful

We judge girls for loving themselves
We call them conceited, slutty, and vain

We command girls to love themselves
But only as long as no one else can hear
I don't think I've actually written a poem
It's always felt as if I was rather discovering it as I went along
I'm not sure exactly when it started
I just can't remember the last time I wasn't tired
something i believe with all of my heart
the exact moment you are hurt, you hurt
without warning you are torn apart
you hurt yourself and those around you
darkness isn't something you can easily outsmart
but i will say piece by piece and day by day
you will learn to heal and your life will restart
((people who are hurt, hurt other people
= "hurt people hurt people"))
  Dec 2016 I was your Hazel Grace
It still hurts..
How do you forget
the thing that crushed your heart?
The pain is still there,
haunting me.
It goes away,
but it always come back.

and it still hurts the same way it hurt before
I told her I'd never fallen in love
with an alien before

She gave me an odd glance

And then I told her she was out of this world

She chuckled and smiled

And at that moment
it became evident

*Her lips don't even have to touch mine for me to get lost in them
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