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Seanathon Nov 24
Like a purple gem
Found deep within the Earths dark layers
Smooth as sandstone beneath rivers running
Warm as blackened pavement beneath summers sun

So this drink is to me
Most teasing of every sense and self
Which is why this cup cannot be
Most tasteful or worth

She made for me
The Best Raspberry Mocha On Earth
Hers Was The Best Raspberry Mocha On Earth
Axel Aug 26
i see heaven in your eyes
and you see sincere in mine.
and we fall right into the night.
Axel Aug 26
Presenting my soul,
he will entertain you
while you feel like a waterfall, falling.
Say your favourite song and he will
sing it with passion though
he's not that good in singing.
Play your favourite movie
and he will be your obsessed hero
but just so you know, I'm the heroine
of the show.
We all love,
But never mutually.

She approaches you with more than just love.
You keep your distance because you know what you want from her - not love.

She tries everything to win you over, but you don't budge, yet you continuously search for love.

A never-ending search for love never bears fruit because love seems to never be mutual.

You find so much love, but it's always one-sided and never from your side.
Van Byrde Jan 5
She's my water woman
Got an ocean in her eyes
And a well in her chest
She drags me down deep, all violent
I let her, for it's me who is blessed
inside of me, she cannot see my swimming heart leap
She doesn't understand
How can she when even just her hand
takes me to the safe place I crave?
An island. I’m surrounded by her.

We make love and she's a tidal wave
At night we navigate by touch
I've learned all her constellations
The stars she's made of
She's the fountain of life
Then she speaks
And I know why
Sailors were drowned
In deep blue seas
Her eyes find mine
She breathes like it's me
Who's the magic one
After, we lie warm and still
She says I'm hers
like I should have known it all along
I swallow my reply down like a pill
And she doesn't know yet,
The magic water woman,
That I had never loved before I met her
I had never loved anyone at all
Jessica S Dec 2018
We were drawn to each other — almost instantly. A broken boy and a damaged girl who found comfort in each other’s company. A story old as time but this one rang more true. Though we found the love we desired, we still had depression, but for two.
For those who think depression goes away after you’ve found your soul mate. It doesn’t.
Toxic relationships feed our lustful need for love.
Why do we accept the most fake love around just for physical stimulation?
Love is more emotional than physical, but still we choose bodies over souls.

Just as drugs, love is addictive.
More and more use leads to more and more breakage.
Once we're completely spent at the use of fake love do we only start to see the reality.

Yet, we still bypass the urge to consider the soul and continue being a slave to an urge for temporary happiness.

Without an emotional connection, how do you completely connect with your "loved" one?
Just a physical connection doesn't mean there's a complete connection.

We can't get enough of fake love,
Even though it kills us.
Promises, I make only to keep
You are a friend and that’s  sacred to me
I will be holding space, for us, you see

My words safe in my heart
The hurt mine to behold

My inhibitions, fears
Tears and distance I keep
To elevate and alleviate

You may bring your words
My silence, I’ll keep
It’s been a while, the spoken words I’ve bartered for the written
Won’t give either to you

Escapist I am not
Happy in the crowd, smile and gel
Safely guarded by my shell

Mellowed with age
Outbursts few and defences weak
Empathy, I don’t seek

It’s only human
To let go and carry on
Looking fine and beyond
As quitting is not done
Sorry, not meant for this place, but, I tend to dump :/
Maxwell Shaw Mar 2018
You are my


I am your


Through good

And bad

I will give you my best

Even if It's my worse

Look inside my chest

And you will see broken

Shards of the past

Present and future

Now I challenge you

To take these pieces

And build

A human being

A foundation

A temple

Then will we see if you

Can feel me

The real me the one

They can't behold

The boy who can stand

On his own through

The frozen cold

I often wonder will I

Forever be alone

A beast is what I am

But a beauty is what she is

To me.
Did this while I was on FaceTime and ideas just popped into my head. So I just wrote away until I couldn't anymore
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