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my00raaah Feb 2016
Once more, I said once more.
I'll pick myself up once more.

The ache's too much to take-
but.. I won't break.

I said once more-
take me back the days before...
my00raaah Feb 2016
The world can't just be an accident,
our Earth is an Elysian field.

The sun is an amulet,
and the miracles were revealed.

Don't sit there hoping for a miracle,
the birds' chirping are almost lyrical.

The sunshine's warmth strokes your cheeks,
and you forget about your worries.

Your mother's sun-kissed cheeks,
and the rain and the flurries.

The adventures in the wild,
the cold river when it's riled.

The alluring creatures,
and all your best features.

So, let go of your hopelessness.
Hold on to your wish.

These sights and wonders will leave you breathless.
Hold on to your wish.

Don't just sit there,
hoping for a miracle.

Now that you're here,
now that's a miracle.
my00raaah Feb 2016
Night-time is when you sleep,
but I lay here counting sheep.

I'll admit that I'm a night owl.
Listening to the breeze's howl.

Night-time is an enchanting time,
my thoughts and ideas keep me up.

To reject stargazing is a crime.
You'll  see why if you just stay up.

Open your eyes, think of the future.
Until the sun comes up.

Close your eyes, go on an adventure.
Until the moon comes up.
my00raaah Feb 2016
Your parted lips whispered, "Hello".
Our first day, do you remember?

Years and years, long ago.
Years and years, we're still together.

Pinky promise me, you'll never forget,
how I try my best to fight your monsters.

Pinky promise me, you'll never be upset.
Show the others that you are stronger.

One day, years and years later.
Do you recall?

I was a failure,
and I let you fall.

Pinky promise me, you'll forgive me.
This monster was too strong for me.

As your golden locks turned gray.
Today, here you lay.

As you took your last sigh.
Your parted lips whispered, "Goodbye."

— The End —