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Jun 2014
The only perspective you let yourself see
From those mesmerizing eyes,
Is that you are utterly inadequate
And may as well not be
And a flurry of other black lies.

You think in the dark of the things you are not
And let them consume you whole,
You believe in your heart you're stupid
Guess what? You forgot
That I love every part of your soul.

You're stuck on depression and melancholy
And I try to help you out,
But there are those times of darkness
When my well-worn key
Is tossed aside as you take another route.

Look inward, love, at the things that are best
The things deep inside that make you
Who you are
Each of your special qualities scream to be noticed
And you need to find them
For yourself
Don't you dare change them
Because they are wonderful
Don't give up faith in yourself
Because I never will
Don't you dare think you are nothing
Because you are my everything

.... You've shrouded yourself in darkness
And you believe that's all you are.
But I see your light.
Sometimes I just want to tell you words that will pierce you to the very core so you would never forget them. But then, I realize that you may take them differently than I meant them. Forgive me.
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