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  May 2014 Michelle
I quarantined myself in a still pool
tranquil and floating, waiting for the ice
to finally freeze my turbid heart
into a more peaceful *****.

On the shore you saw me
or I saw you
and perhaps I was a lighthouse
or perhaps you were a lifeboat,
gliding from the banks
you poured yourself in like hot oil.

As you slipped over my arms, legs, torso, face,
you breathed into my ear a steady stream of prophecy and promise
-It's not right for a woman like you to be alone. You are built to give.

And so I felt your mouth seal over mine
and allowed you to inhale the starry swirls of life
I had been conserving for winter.

As you pulled me far deeper with you
we could not emulsify
but we became inseparable.
Michelle May 2014
How can poetry be written
By my side?
Michelle May 2014
Dive into pools of eternal sunlight
Stand under waterfalls of pure liberty
Fly to the stars that gleam with joy
Taste the delicacies of creamy happiness
Prance through fires of blazing passion
Scream to the skies of all that is wonderful
Laugh at the world that tries to faze you
Crash through the seas of torrential love
Dance through glades of a thousand

And you might understand an inkling
Of what you have made me feel
Michelle May 2014
'Twas no greater an omission
Than others glaring kept
And yet, more than they,
The fault was found in me.
Second poem after my hiatus.
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