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 May 2016 MereCat

*A midnight wave of shimmered light
caresses soft this slumbered shore
Of moonbeam whispers on the night
in ocean scenes and moments pure

To find upon this beach we lie
our glistened skin in stardust gleam
Beneath a diamond dusted sky
alone amidst a seafoam dream
 May 2016 MereCat
Fay Slimm
His Star.

I chased this evening
evening's fade in sunset clouds,
silver tin-foiled filigree
tied to grey-as-granite mountains.

Tinted skirts of hazy
daytime's late farewell lit night's
ballooning moon parade
displayed as fire on quiet shoreline.

Invasive scarlet-swathe
hued day's best forgotten noon
when darker stronghold's rain
rolled dust-cascades forming gloom.

Drifted with waning sky's
azure came memory's beams,
pain-shot their spotlighting
shadows still haunting my dreams.

Yet I chased tonight
night's demons away by love's
recall when I saw brighter
his star winking at me from above.
 May 2016 MereCat
Denel Kessler
The thaw begins with a drip,
builds to a roar, subsides to sunlight
prisms playing over every surface

illuminating still-wet velvet wings
maroon and yellow, neon blue
pseudo-bark underneath.

In the clear-cut, pink fireweed
pierces a sky alive with souls
reveling in their last year on earth

sampling nectar with newly curled
tongues while summer degrades
to fall, burrowing in the cool

damp cord of fir put up for winter
awakening in spring, tasting summer
before the reprieve, too soon over

time come to fold
battered wings, to slip free
of this mourning cloak and rise.
 May 2016 MereCat
girl haiku
 May 2016 MereCat
flower in her hair
her body she shares with you
hold her she blossoms
 Apr 2016 MereCat
Lucrezia M N
Even this latter
lingering emotionality
will vanish somehow,
masked behind an affable reflection,
but already collapsed
into a black hole.

Bigger and bigger.

Mastery of nothingness
in satisfying myself
as mute, stripped leaves
observing their art
of turning into glow of warmth.

Autumn’s heredity.

Fierce hyperbole is Melancholy,
remote and severe sixth sense,
obsidian monolith
in this too mild dimension.

Melodrama of light
is the vacuum of such empirism
saturated ad nauseum
by the ceaseless delay
of the most natural
and contemptuous ease.
... Yes, I'm an autumn child ...
You've been tying me up,
With the ribbon in your hair,
And the bobby pins going straight through my heart.

I've been trying to copy your style,
But my curls go everywhere,
And it wouldn't wouldn't suit the colour of my eyes.

You've been telling me,
Don't worry about what they see,
Just wear it how you want,
But lately,
They've been telling me,
There's someone else they want me to be,
And it's not who I am now.

I've been basing my look off you,
Since I fell in love with your smile,
And the colour of my makeup is your fault.

But I know that sometime,
I'm going have to work out my own style,
And what I want the world to make of me.

Now, I've become obsessed,
With the way that you dress,
And how you walk,
And the way you move when you're talking to me.

How, how can you say,
That this is not the way?
When like this I smile,
And like this I feel I could finally be free.
 Apr 2016 MereCat
George Anthony
my ex wants me back.
i don't want her.
there she is, once again,
waiting, whispering
working her way into my cracks
winding me up and worsening my wounds,
whittling me into weaker wood

she makes me feel like i can't live without her
and the irony isn't lost on me.
she cradles me at stupid, sleepless hours
and serenades me with sweet, sweet symphonies
of everlasting silence,
songs of sempiternal slumber

i know my insomnia gets the better of me but
i don't want to sleep that badly
or maybe i do sometimes
but i think my mother would want me to wake up
maybe my friends, too
and no, she would never let me
she'd want to keep me, you see

my ex likes me in her bed,
it's her favourite place to have me
some call that vanilla but they don't know the things she does to me
when her lips brush my wrists
and that one time they teased my neck
******* it, she drives me crazy
has me ******* the sheets and sobbing into the pillows
my screams so loud, i choke
and lose my voice

sometimes my veins start pulsing with need
and she makes it so tempting,
slender fingers slipping over my skin,
sliding over my spine
"do it", she says
i want to submit to her, show her how much of a hold she has on me- no
i don't, i don't, i can't, i won't

my ex wants me back
but i don't want her.
i let her have her way with me
under the covers,
my sweet, sadistic lover
and then i turn my back on her
and sleep until the sun comes up to remind me
lightness still remains even if the darkness lasts longer.
 Apr 2016 MereCat
George Anthony
sick and tired of being painted as a criminal;
it's tainting my edges black, filling my body with blue
i think i might just wash it all away, rinse the colours off my skin
and stop myself from ever feeling anything, including you
i miss my white canvas
clean of love, bland of emotion
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