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Melinda Éva Oct 2017
Shouts and hollers in the streets
wished I was between the sheets,
uninvited words through lips
I surly did not want to kiss,
a gentle touch a bit too low
but gentle a face is proudly bestow,
those once loved in passing times
also claimed these parts of mine
to grab and shake as one may please
‘cause I had no authority,
power figures misused reign
told me I have none to gain,
“I gave you this, I gave you that,
I’ll tell you how to pay me back”

It’s all displayed, my big debut
with all these women I say, “me, too.”
Melinda Éva Jul 2017
Melodies flutter from her throat
as her mouth moves in slow motion
Her gaze never breaks,
she's singing directly to me
I start to mouth words I don't know
Hypnotized by pictures in my head
My god, I swear I'm dead
Melinda Éva Apr 2017
Pull us apart
we have a decadent center
melting strands between us
but I've felt the snap
of a tug too hard
Our roots are truly intertwined
like our legs under the sheets
goosebumps invade my skin,
the sheets are gone
and you've disappeared
like sand between my fingers
all I have is the warmth of your ghost
and the stale smell of your cologne
on the pillow--
like a drug, I let it consume my senses
and I drown in the illusion
to see you again
Half a world away
Melinda Éva Oct 2016
I know you now as I perceive
what stands before my eyes to see
but when the sun and moon switched places
I woke to unfamiliar faces
Each door I opened, a new world breached
I tried my hardest not to weep
I've met you nearly a dozen times
and never will I call you mine
'cause all my trials came closer to
the world that feels like a dream with you
but never has one felt like home
I'm wide awake inside this dome
sleep gives nothing more to gain
a blackhole living inside my brain
Inspired by the novel "Dark Matter" by Blake Crouch
Melinda Éva Oct 2016
Words like sand, I've choked on each
decide my mouth is where I'll keep
those sentences I dare not say
'cause I don't want to anyway
There's something deep that's holding back
the sense of what I think I lack
that's making me feel stuck in skin
walls that I'm not truly in
I question who I am in here
and what I see inside my mirror
Is this what I've worked so hard for
to settle into nothing more
than what I know and not the chance
to learn new trades, to make my stance
If so, then I shall not drink wine
to cleanse this scratching throat of mine
'cause there's no point to speak aloud
when all I've done is settled down
Been doing a lot of self-evaluation lately
Melinda Éva Oct 2016
With melodies floating through our lonesome hearts,
we created a symphony the day your lips touched mine
The cadence of our songs intertwined like roots in the soil,
and bloomed into a beautiful composure of strings
Moments of intensity and passion sung by the brass
and solemn woes whispered by the woodwinds
all lead by the percussion's constant beat
When I stop to listen to the song that we nurtured
I can't hear a single note or rhythm
because my heart has stopped a thousand times
from your ability to smile with your eyes
your comforting embrace wrapped around mine
or your endless wonder I can't contain
and I have to remember how to breathe once more
to hear our symphony play what my heart couldn't
Melinda Éva Aug 2016
Time has changed our beings and the miles tore apart
the bond that we once had pulsing through our youthful hearts,
And though I have not witnessed flesh of yours until this year,
you still felt just as familiar as the days I hold so dear
The memories of childhood are slowly trickling back
The span of when we gave no cares and treaded our own track,
And all of this I want to share and relive one more time,
to prove that all these miles we have conquered don't define
But life has placed its hands in the middle of our path
and cradled you away before I had the chance to say, "At last"
This one hits a little closer to home
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