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 Sep 29 McDonald tsiie
Art speaks words unheard,
   The feelings paints pictures unseen.
       It is beauty
and drastic ideas combined
      A mix of pleasure and pain
      All experiences add a different taste
        Rough edges and smoothness entwined.
Touch it and fall into a dream
The artist lived and lives within
How will the memories fade when sunrise and sunset always remind me of you

If only l could sleep forever
If wishes were horses everybody would ride one
one day you will miss me
as much as l miss you
another random thought
they say love is pain
but the tears are so sweet
love is blind...……..
but would rather stay in the dark as long as you remain there with me
but inside im screaming
she was a burning fire
but he failed to see the flames in her eyes
and now he is struggling to relight the ashes
together with the flames the feelings faded
whats lost cant always be found
some things are meant to stay as ashes
finally realized us wasn't written in our forever
but like they say if dreams don't scare you they aint big enough
should l let the fear die?
some questions are better left unanswered
l act like l don't care

but inside I'm screaming
who else dos that
ln a room with so many people
l can only hear your voice
is that love?
another random thought , help with the title
Not all scars are visible
Not everyone shows
it was pouring,
you couldn't differentiate my tears from rain
and only focused on the dance
people focus on what they want not your pain.
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