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i caught her wandering soul
she caught a whiff of chanel
Jul 6 · 443
read between the lines
i. have seen
love. with my eyes
you. are that image from within
May 22 · 274
what love sounds like
sat down next you, with my head right on your chest i
figured out the frequency of your heartbeat
so me singing for you is ironic
...because i actually love you
i wouldn't mind going blind
dropping my glasses, if gazing directly at the sun meant i'd see you again
just to adore your smile
Mar 28 · 158
i. senryu
a baby in the womb
ready to breathe new life
in this formless world
Mar 25 · 6.0k
a delayed goodnight text
i hope whatever
you're dreaming about
is as beautiful as the
thought of you in my mind

i love you❤
sleep tight...
Jan 19 · 367
when i saw you
i turned a blind eye
you were talking i listened
my ears anxious, craving sound

i think you have beautiful voice in accordance of your intriguing appearance the day had to be embraced with a hug

holding your hand became a sacred dialect that made sense
Dec 2018 · 1.3k
enlighten me please
McDonald tsiie Dec 2018
-why do you take pictures?
"for memories"
-do you know that memories fade?
"every picture has a story"
-well who's the writer?

"me (muse); hence the cover page"
McDonald tsiie Sep 2018
so the early birds sing the morning blues
whilst the sun rises by your smile
the bees yearn for something to cherish as new
waking up the little stallion butterfly
aestheticism for when it is due
resembles decorations in your eye
nature lies inside a chest for truth
from a soulful, lovely, pulchritudinous kind
you played your hurtfulness part
one thing left for me is to divide the ocean and cry
although it was hard tearing, nothing is ever too vast
those painful, unworthy waterfall's will dry
you're as blind as an astray heart
and this is the last time i say goodbye
The Love Religion...
McDonald tsiie Sep 2018
guilt gnawed at his conscious like a thief who committed sin in a sacred dwelling

2. he felt a tear drop in his dead subconscious and sipped on red wine to drown a blister of regrets

3. now peace is a constant war locking his mindset. he died, for liberation from the nightmare he was living
Aug 2018 · 3.1k
muse, i have a question
McDonald tsiie Aug 2018

you were just a page
i kissed you with words
now you're a beautiful poem
intrinsic compliment making my fingertips blush
intriguing like a new word

she told me to make up my mind
i started thinking about her mascara
leaking under the surface of her skin
hidden under broken wings
i knew i had to unearth her soul to find the bottom of her heart

i've always wanted to ask you how does it feel living life like a canvas?
oriia's poem...
Jul 2018 · 304
valley of love
McDonald tsiie Jul 2018
walk with me
your hand in my palms
was more than a passionate stride
which oriented my path like a pendulum
i learned how to walk with my eyes closed
with your heart defining our itinerary in hindsight
found myself moon dancing to the tempo of your heartbeat
something was not right
she felt a very deep chasm
and ceased walking
i opened my eyes, saw a constellation in a crystal palace
Aisha we're lost
she closed her eyes, i held her close
like a mother to her baby

scared of what her soul breeds, gave her an ataraxy
i kissed her forehead and left a passion mark on her neck
as she opened her eyes to a valley of love
silent sigh
The Love Religion...
Apr 2018 · 821
i praise
McDonald tsiie Apr 2018
the first time i saw her stretch marks i
saw beauty as a landscape formed,
lightning collapsed on her earth
captured by my lavender mind
i painted cosmic energy on
her body, oil on canvas ii
created a portrait my
fingertip a brush as
i drew a valley of
a thousand hills
on her fragile
Apr 2018 · 608
princess from I.N.D.I.A
McDonald tsiie Apr 2018
she wore a beautiful red saree
rose diamond complexion,
kissed by caramel paint
tempting whisper fragrance
she was soft-spoken.

i saw the colour of the sky
without darkness in her moonlit eyes.
in a stolen glance i saw a garden
her smile was the light at the end of my oceans' tunnel
a glisten

I. Nearly. Died. In. Admiration
Apr 2018 · 333
heated haiku
McDonald tsiie Apr 2018
fire as four eyes met
love is an auspicious flame
lets ignite oceans
Mar 2018 · 423
McDonald tsiie Mar 2018
every tear i shed u ceased before it hit the ground
the comfort of your shoulders gave me life
the sun ray kissed dawn smile resembling your love
was my only hope

"it's time to wake"
was a symphonic whistled melody sang by birds in your vocal cords
you defined my morning blues
i miss your voice

how you made a storm calm
a gust of the wind was sigh of peace
i came with a broken heart
i cried
you made sure every sour tear dropped on your shoulders was sugar-coated

you raised a princess mom
a queen in your hearts imagination
your picture on my mirror is more than a facade of my hearts image
you were the sweetest architect

your angel wings hallowed earth
heaven just needed your presence

i wrote this poem looking at the heart in her eyes... she said write my pain
Feb 2018 · 441
McDonald tsiie Feb 2018
I held your hand for the first time, you handle my
temperament like my moods resides in your
palms, stars glowing in my eyes promised
a silent wishing well lying on the tip of
my poisonous tongue i lied to you
every gesture forsaken I'm sorry

I fell weak in her soft deceiving
devious temptations, my fragile soul
couldn't resist a soothing risqué touch
of lust, enough to get you off my thoughts
now immense memories slowly fades like a
sorrow-smitten smile on a broken hearted girls face
i hope for forgiveness...
Feb 2018 · 441
never let you go
McDonald tsiie Feb 2018
Until next time, all will close I sink in my woes
Forever is within reach, every mile drowns an inch
as a soul depletes

The magic disappears I now yearn for your warmth
heaven in your eyes is where my heart resides,  hold me tight
Love helps me progress in this earth
you let my heart rake your world and I fell for you
the same love drags me down
I will hold you down with fragile emotion
if the pressures of the world draws me to you
i'm weak to your presence

You smite my eyes if only my love did hold you
it's foolish beyond measure but heaven promises me you
Till the end of eternity I will hold you close
**my love will know the value of your heart as time goes
written by: McDonald tsiie & Rutendo Chikande
Nov 2017 · 702
ii. weathered heart
McDonald tsiie Nov 2017
propel unrealistic ideas
love can destroy, even believers
love is a life sentence
love could be amputated in seconds
thinking about these roses in hindsight
I never saw the beauty, the light was too bright
lost in the waves of my thoughts

each hunch was on life support
every breath taken, sigh of hope
food for thought, each idea was a spiritual loaf

cardiac arrest, the departure of the heart
as the body and soul aren't in conjunction
to a place where the sun wakes up to a fresh start
dawn kisses dusk to caress a weathered heart
her heart an epitaxy
crystal needles pierce the flash to create art
a procreation of violet pieces an amethyst
re-ignition at the confluence

from irregular patterns,  the beauty leaves the gods in awe
and muted the antichrist
the heart now swings like a pendulum
**the rhythm is the silent serenade for the deaf
Written by: McDonald tsiie & Tumelo mogomotsi
Nov 2017 · 312
McDonald tsiie Nov 2017
feelings cut from trees
shadowy metaphors in autumn leaves
that night i felt comfort in
your mind passion was derived from the garden of sin

home sweet home a touch on your thigh
red wine by my side
as we let our oceans collide

you sank me gently down your stream
*i was intoxicated thinking it was just a wild dream
Sep 2017 · 170
Springs' baby
McDonald tsiie Sep 2017
Yes there were flaws
9 months was way too long baby ran out of patience
baby was premature

The sound was loud
Baby spoke no words but cried
resembled the baby's sigh
tears were motioning poetry
as the heart was gracious like the rhyme

*Few minutes later in the ER she could only smile
The Love Religion...
Sep 2017 · 506
She Completes Me
McDonald tsiie Sep 2017
From a good conversation
to impeccable company

Nurturing energy
equals a pure heart to me
a galaxy note in my heart of constellations makes her my star

A semblance of perfection
*my art in a museum
The Love Religion...
Aug 2017 · 150
wonder woman
McDonald tsiie Aug 2017
Without the touch up of eyeliner and lipstick
she's still an imperfect perfection

Our feelings were intertwined by passion
and love let alone was the stem
as we got rooted to the attachment of emotion
We blended when the journey ends
love made us versatile though we were both smitten in devotion
Now every flow is a wave as our souls ascends

She was a stranger my heart let her in
a pillar of virtue
Love being the future foreseen
she kept my heart stable like a statue
It so felt like a dream

i kept her sacred like a Zulu love letter
*as our once upon a time story was happily ever after
The Love Religion...
Jul 2017 · 299
The Photographers Muse
McDonald tsiie Jul 2017
her lips withholding hard red chalcedony used in jewellery*
her eyes envisioned to empyrean
her ears soothed by a phonaesthetics euphony
her face a flamboyant in semblance

**as the dilettante took pictures and wrote
I wrote this piece looking at her face...
Jul 2017 · 203
McDonald tsiie Jul 2017
Fruition of the year had come
and the night could have been fine

A moon in the skyrim
rockets a crisp sharp promise of frost
in the slightest degree of evening
up to a whirling mass of fluid
with a soft kiss of birds

*Cleansing the morning adding chemistry soothing the bliss of nature with silver linings
The Love Religion...
Jun 2017 · 800
III. Soulmate Irony
McDonald tsiie Jun 2017
Her eyes could see beyond my intentions
behind her pencilled eye and perfect make-up
I saw beauty in the complexity of her smile

She kissed my name
invited the 3rd guitar strings
played foreign instruments and drums
Leaving my heart in hazardous goosebumps

only to infiltrate a new world
into this lexicographical

*heartland of soulmates
The Love Religion...
Jun 2017 · 425
sweet fingertip
McDonald tsiie Jun 2017
As loud as a heart breathes
you could only hear strange clouds scream
The early bird in the morning can only sing

Quite as the night silence deepens the rivers of thoughts
eyes beat the case preserving innocence in courts

poetry will always be the moonlight

Making wishes at dawn
Shooting at the sky soon as the sun is gone
knowing every poem has a song
**and every writer is a star born
The Love Religion...
May 2017 · 429
McDonald tsiie May 2017
she planted seeds and watered
plantations with a golden heart
now my mind is an island
getaway to the garden of Eden
as she grew roses in my vocal cords

she's a teacher of geography
so i melted the glacier of my lies
before i misled my soul and hers
she never made us feel any less
deeply i felt that motherly affection
and portrayed love beyond unconditional

happy mothers day to all mothers...❤
May 2017 · 1.4k
McDonald tsiie May 2017
It was her desolate despair that made her
Perfect personality of a person
You wanted to be all alone
but couldn't stand me being gone

I was a **** of red hearts
from your perspective
I called you a sedated ****
you became a soul so sensitive

Threatening on leaving me
Not knowing you living in me
Stay smiling in the night
your beauty deserves a smile
My Juliet I'll be your knight
you maintain my shine

In a position of saying you were like a magician
you placed spaces I thought I misplaced
**The Love Religion
Apr 2017 · 998
Who To Love ❤
McDonald tsiie Apr 2017
It's not about loving the perfect person
but to love the imperfect person
The Love Religion...
Apr 2017 · 909
McDonald tsiie Apr 2017
Black hills
Immaculate feet
Tattoo on her hip
Eyes glowing like a diamond ring
Her beauty in sync
Red velvet colour when she blinks
Seen on Rockville
Gold bling on her wrist
A muse with red lips
Once we meet lets take a pic

Custom made
Fine piece of China don't let anyone treat you like a paper plate
be a rose that gives fragrance even to those that crush it
Apr 2017 · 741
II. Soulmate Irony
McDonald tsiie Apr 2017
Felt like moon falling and sun rising
Your voice so sweet induced my senses
Clearing it with a gold garden of your silver linings
Eyes glowing with red hope and flames of love
You hypnotized my retina
As the sky in your eye became blue
Always full of courage and might like goldilocks
You became a tale I'd like to tell my offspring's about before they go to sleep

Felt like moon falling and sun rising
You had a powerful attraction on me more than what a magnetic field could ever attract
In your palms you held my hand
the heart rate increased
the pulse was the indecisive reaction
Our hearts attached as time stopped for a millisecond
Stars were dancing as the moon watched
Robots red resembling love

Felt like moon falling and sun rising*
As you placed your arms around me
Arousingly with shades of grey made darker
your warmth meant more than a kingdom
turned my blacked out heart into a lighthouse
Opening my eyes to you felt like paradise on planet earth

So worthwhile I'm just glad I didn't die before I met you
The Love Religion...
Mar 2017 · 791
For My Muse
McDonald tsiie Mar 2017
I've always wanted to:

Write in a sedated state of mind
Make stars and clouds intertwine
Plant seeds in dictionaries as intuition is set to grow
A volcano erupt in words
Sweet lullaby's sang and whistled serenades in birds

Red in blue
*A beautiful poem in you
Mar 2017 · 1.3k
Soulmate Irony
McDonald tsiie Mar 2017
He had a voice that made her want to believe in eternity
She had a heart that made him want to believe in love

His mind has a secret garden bearing grapes
His proverbs are butterflies kissing flowers
His thoughts derives from what passion brings
His eyes shooting like meteoroids'

Her body curves perfectly like a well crafted grapevine
Her velvet vision crystallised in a palace
Her crown is the minds eye image
Her beauty is light in a formless world

Her body gave him life
*His soul told her spirit to feel honesty from the hug
The Love Religion...
Feb 2017 · 518
Date Night
McDonald tsiie Feb 2017
Held your hand like never before tight with love and passion
Saw one star later we counted several
Showed you the moon painted a rainbow in your head
made our itinerary an impeccable Picasso

I wrote forEVErmore in the sky
Gave the why us is in trUSt
Why yOURS is ours
And why you should own your crOWN

n 3AO7 !
You read it upside down

Went to the movies in love
50 shades darker
I got lost in your speech
As my heart skipped a beat
When my name and love was in your tongue's blueprint
Candles were lit

Romantic like a perfect proposal
*I proposed to new love and chapter
The Love Religion...
Feb 2017 · 782
McDonald tsiie Feb 2017
Concentration camps storing innocent souls
Colours brightening sight
For insignificant insight every teardrop is a waterfall
Indecisive enlightenment brainstorms threatening nature
The landmarks in the head marking words unwritten
A single soul's synonyms and electrifying synergy

Innovating lightening with thundery creativity
Lovingly tenderly
Space worth having this incandescent energy
Spreading love gasses in the air
Making oxygen something worth breathing for
Writings needing to be praised
The pen holder and thought provoker unanimous
**Patterns in your heart an emotion of the senses
Feb 2017 · 637
Pressure of emotions
McDonald tsiie Feb 2017
Cry as loud as clouds rain
Shine as moon stars
Blow as monsoon winds
Paint colours in the night sky as fireworks
Word artistry like black ink on white

Everything was destined to be
But what's the story behind our broken destiny
Sky falling the reasoning
Cutting loose ends leaving me
Ohhh its so sad to see

I knew the point of growing together
Now ours is pointless 'cause we've grown to never

Not heartbroken and lost
Heart stolen and cut in smaller parts
Trying to shed light in my heart
Trapped in the sea with white sharks
You were too emotional
I never understood the motion of your emotions
*Where's thou heart... in the ocean
2015-11-27 (draft)
Feb 2017 · 814
Word Cry
McDonald tsiie Feb 2017
let your waterworks flow
your wall have held longer than expected
the cracks are visible while the pressure grow
your disguise was maintained and almost perfected

Now the imperfections are exhibited
subsequently and perfectly
attention to your cracks was prohibited
as the weeds in them grew abundantly

on demand when lovers need wall to lean on
but you had pain that demanded to be felt
crumbling walls is something you dream of
but you kept hope for others like church bells

its time to let your walls weep and plummet
its your turn to release pain and fears
remember this and keep these tears in a bucket
its turn to shed your tears

-t.m & mcdonald tsiie
Feb 2017 · 513
McDonald tsiie Feb 2017
I took a break from poetry
My brain became flooded with words
I nearly drowned
Swimming with fishes and sharks
In a river of silence
Melodies in my head were loud
I just needed to breathe
Air out this room of drawings pictures and ideas
By down scribbling a few metaphors

A dark place total blackout everything felt
Darkness travelling at light speed
Empathetically thinking about black lives
Factually disregarding skin colour but every life matters
Writing about it makes me more sadder

Darkness is a word needing light to be seen
Light is nearby and colour makes it beautiful
Hope is circling your sky with clouds brother
The stars are making your moon bright sister
And red is our theme babe

**I missed writing because I see my heart in these sequels
Jan 2017 · 468
McDonald tsiie Jan 2017
Move mountains with tongue
Teleport from dreams to reality
Take it out never lose balance

Love selflessly and unconditional
Shatter hate
Put shade on undesirable desires

Love is the switch of your support system
Light is guidance dare not to pull the plug
Fly with memories and thoughts flight to wonder land

Come back and teach what thou need to know
Why the Sun rises and sets
Why the moon glow in the night
Why after every rain a rainbow awaits

**Why love is considered *******
Dec 2016 · 596
McDonald tsiie Dec 2016
Love is nothing without meaning
don't just say "iloveyou"
Dec 2016 · 417
All Love
McDonald tsiie Dec 2016
I love when you here also love missing you
I love having you and love losing you
I love everything occupying my space
like your place in my heart

I love but hate the opposite of the word love
I love being me: That's how I feel around you
I love the possibility of us being forever
Love keeps me and you in the now or never possibilities

I love it when my words abundantly are attached to to you
I would die just to love you in another life
I'd cheat

Be dishonest
Be untrustworthy and disloyal
Just to make our love perfect

I love the word love
*It revolves around you
Nov 2016 · 697
Fleur De Lis
McDonald tsiie Nov 2016
Roses are lovely flowers
Yet they have prickly **** thorns
Reason why I'd never adore
So they aren't necessarily perfect
But you lily are number one to my second

Rather resemble you to a lily
I'm being truthful not silly
Lilies are gentle delicate and beautiful flowers
Roses are temporary lovers

Like a lily you are in a lifetime
You just can't be replaced for their time
Don't think one can be like you
You're you there's no space nor time for another you
I put all my cards down no spades
And they are all hearts

Just to wish you a happy birthday
**I'll explore the world of sorrow because I know when I find you Lily I'll be okay
Perfect Lily... Rutendo
Oct 2016 · 597
McDonald tsiie Oct 2016
Thinking about you is a process

Like fixing a broken heart
Writing about you is
Like trying to remove you in my head
Loving you is
Like a rainbow after rain ☔

Missing you is like

A thunder storm and hails on my feelings and emotions
Forgiving you is like
Risking being hurt a thousand times

Saying hello to you is like
An instant goodbye with no introduction
A relationship with you is like
A heartbreaking break-up
Running after you is like

Chasing the wind

But knowing you wasn't a mistake nor a coincidence but meant to be

**Without you I'm just a body with no heart nor soul
Oct 2016 · 245
Letter To Him
McDonald tsiie Oct 2016
Son, one day you are going to have a son.
Do not let the sun set while your son's sad
Oct 2016 · 597
If Poetry Was My Girlfriend
McDonald tsiie Oct 2016
if I could fly
I would just to get under your full of caress wings
if I could paint
I would paint a wall of your face
if I could write
I would write books with you being the body and conclusion

And If I could compliment
I would do that everyday... but why?
Your beauty is out of the human nature**
You are a person every person wishes to see
Oct 2016 · 235
McDonald tsiie Oct 2016
She said can you explain my pains?

I said paint an Axe on your pains
As the writer wrote in plain
And said...

Positive Attitude In Negative Situations
Oct 2016 · 949
McDonald tsiie Oct 2016
State the issue before black ink is spilled
Outrageously in the human mind
What was the current spell
When she went to the wards?

She went back facing forward
A long itenery of confusion
She was spelled backwards

When she fell down, she never bounced back
She bounced backwards
A beautiful picture painted

With no paint brushes
An imagination of a no-brainer
Still an impeccable Picasso

Forward her destination
Higher her reach
Her brains going forward
She was receding
Everytime she went high
Her hopes plummets
Oct 2016 · 538
McDonald tsiie Oct 2016
Romanticized as sweet as warm-hearted

*Let Love, Love You As You Love
Oct 2016 · 500
McDonald tsiie Oct 2016
A shift in mood... My mind chases itself in circles
Little wolf trying to catch its tail
What am I?
A space wolf trapped in a human body
Leading the pack with love-filled-lust
Lost in-between humanity and inhumane
Just a proud humanitarian

A brilliant battle moved
Now you look and see my scar
I'm happy and I'm not

My brain is an insane asylum
Felt like these cells needed soft fabric
I'm elated but depressed
A hyena stressed

I want to be alive and buried with the dead

When I stand I end up on my knees
Bowing down
Dim the lights
Spiritual meditation & healing

Silent like *** of the deaf
I just felt the need to be disorderly-provoking
I was colder
Mind of a higher stoner

I laugh at serious times
Like when the doctor is counting my dimes
Best to pay in tens for my therapy at nine

Bipolar disorder
I need to get my life in order...
A collaborative poem...
Authors: Mcdonald tsiie & Bipolar *****
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