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The endless void swells with the breeze
Of countless stars like tapestries
That sail their ancient primal songs
With all the creatures of the dawn

Myriad waves of force in rhyme
Bend the stone mast with the time
While rainbow’s chorus sings to life
To sail beyond the sea of strife

Introspect , the bottomless key
To stand an island in the sea
And watch the mainsail fill with breeze
On the ship of evermore

The ripples in the endless maw
Sing of mighty tortoise paw
The force that out survives the claw
Of time and matter’s law

Within the harbor of my mind
I search the ocean in the time
To see if I will ever find
My ship to sail the sea of rhyme

Introspect the bottomless key
To stand an island in the sea
And watch the mainsail fill with breeze
On the ship of evermore

Into tomorrow’s skies we fly
On wings of light and castle brine
To see if we will ever find
Within the harbors of our minds
Our ships to sail the sea of rhyme
With the force that out survives the time

In the yellow forest with the trees of time
Talking with the wind there between the wheels of rhyme
Just another color looking for the ocean with it’s mind
Another oldie
The black hole’s emanations attempted to fill the gap in galactic  infiniteness as all spiraled down to its new beginnings while residual harmonic vibrations honed the forms of its becoming .

The insect’s hum buzzed harmoniously almost melodiously in  syncopated integrated vibrations as it flew across the room , out the door and into the night sky .

The ship’s deck rolled and pitched as hurricane weather smashed and  shattered its empty hull against the wooden dock .

The blazing core of the comet streaked across the sky as it decomposed  in the atmosphere and extinguished its self in the ocean .

The blazing light of innumerable suns chaotic radioactive glair was almost audible like sounds of distant campfires as the last bits of wood crackled into embers beneath the starry sky .
 Jul 2015 Maya Grela
Her name is Chandney
In Punjabi it means the Moon
The thing about the moon is
It's not always appreciated
as much as it should be

The Sun steals all the glory
The Moon merely awaits its time
To come and reflect on the days
the Sun has left behind

The Moon picks up the pieces.

Chandney is my best friend
for a time she was my only friend
The only person I would call a friend
Not because I'd known her for so long
But because of all the things she'd done

Like coming to my door everyday
after school when I'd dropped out
and wasn't leaving the house,
tellin me about her day through the
intercom when she was young
and had the time to do that

The Moon kept me in touch
with the world of the Sun,
gave me a little bit of light left over
in the days when I saw none

And that's something that I will never forget

Like the first time I saw the moon cry
This moon is strong, this moon has pride
That hurt me inside
And every time since when I've seen
a sad face etched on your surface

I've cried with you, side by side
As you were Beside yourself
Day I realised that love comes
In many different forms
Cause I'd go above and beyond
anything I could ever do for myself
To reach out to you, lift you up
make you Smile, offer help

As long as I'm around
I want you to know
That the Moon is never truly alone
You have a sky full of stars
to keep you company
Consider the closest one to You as Me

We've shared some memorable nights
You and I
From first sleep overs
To gettin waved for the first time

Unlike so many The Moon
doesn't change with the tides
Loyal friend to this lunatic
The Moon changes the tides

When I was left alone
Crying night after night
The Moon watched over me
The Moon kept me company
Even in silence when
I didn't want to speak

The Moon was there

The constant silver lining
Reminding me that a new
day was gonna come
And I'd see the dark times through
Moon by my side goin through
the dark times too

We met as kids
And together we grew
I believe life for me is like
Those late night car journies
I'm Lucky, It's True

That No matter where you go
When you look out the window
The Moon is always with you
I've come to realise that a lot of my poetry falls on the sad end of the spectrum particularly when its to do with my own dilemmas. When I write about the people who I care for in life I do notice a difference. It's definitely more upbeat. It's good to show appreciation to those we care for in life, all too often these people are taken forgranted. If I've written about you it definitely means that you've made an impression on me in life and if I haven't there's a good chance I just haven't got around to it yet :P
 Jul 2015 Maya Grela
Memories hang like pictures in synaptic hallways of electricity,
Waiting for a sound or smell to release their authenticity.

Flowers in the wind to oceans run ashore off in the distance, hard to fight a flood when we have no built resistance.

Can you smell the cherished past that hides inside the smoke, do you feel your childhood when the softest silk is stroked.

Fall into a daydream of times that have gone by, to live within the moment that often makes us cry.

To miss the ones forgotten in gentle summer breeze, caress the textured stone as we once again greet them on our knees.

But they are never lost for we are always tethered, trapped inside our minds in the pathways of forever.
When the inflated crunching sky turns into the black hole, one by one the expected stars slowly falling on the horizon, sudden deep dark clouds cover the silky face of moon, or the earth takes the full moon.

Long, long shadows darken the meadows, southern wind can’t open your closed window at all, standing along on the curve of a road, a sigh to fly in the wind, roaming heart finding a home.

See the mystic form of the known objects, distant standing old banyan tree suppose to feel a lonely friend of mine, a friend of rootless time, when silly, bogus thoughts engulfed me, want to break up but change does not cry out.

Melancholy beauty in the dark, floating with the imagine gulls in the sky, draw the red sun on the canvas of dark sky within the wings of dream, again see you are playing with the seven colors across my unfinished sky.
@Musfiq us shaleheen
 Jul 2015 Maya Grela
Through my storms I strive to hold fast
Stable my ship from keel to mast
Under ferocious skies and pummeling rain
Obsidian waves brewed of loss, rage and pain
Weathered and tattered, violently tossed about in the night
Tar and pitch the cracks, mend my sails with poetry I write
Repairing the damages despite barely able to see
Allowing courage, strength and hope to blindly navigate me
When the storms clear, even if only for a moment
Rejuvenating breath of calm
freed from self torment
 Jul 2015 Maya Grela
Nicole Dawn
The rocks will wear away
Trees will burn to ash
Lakes will evaporate

Nothing stays

Buildings will deteriorate
Clouds will pass by
The tide will go out

Nothing stays

Fires will burn down
Leaves will fall
Snow will melt

Nothing stays

People move on
Joy will leave
You have left

Nothing stays

**Everything leaves
Don't get too attached
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