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Gabriel Feb 2020
Standing at the edge of a shattered lake of despair
Pondering the notion of how little people care
Not such placated sentiments as hollow as dried up bones
But those that tear at the soft bellies of what one might call home
Time will test the measure of any who withstand the wind
Knowing that our greatest strength will always come from within
We cannot always see the future by relishing in a past
Hardly do we see our own dreams coming in last
Yet there is always a bright light in a tunnel standing black
Often there is a turn point...for which there is no coming back.
Gabriel Mar 2019
Comforted by broken symbols and lost signs

Not even sure how to step down or rewind

Caught blinded by a futile primordial scream

Dropping final seeds into a increasingly bloodier stream

No direction now for the fragile time that never passes

That progression held only for those who act the crassest

Can one balance on the point of needle's tip

How quickly to be skewered for a tiny slip

Diving deep into the guts of investigation

Never thinking of course of consideration

Merely the need for blood on open fangs

Seeing the blackened soul lusting at future's never changed.

How can we breath life into splintered and shattered light

When most people only want to inhale the darkness of the infinite night.
Gabriel Nov 2018
Born to feed off negativity stream
Lost in never ending bigoted themes
Screaming how others are trapped in ego
Void of compassion for what others know
Weary of ideas not tied to monotheistic views
Fighting to keep a narrative set in wood pews
Yet prizes are kept in the eye of the beholder
Looming is the truth like a giant boulder
Held by falsehoods so feeble in design
Invisible to a world that is ignorantly sublime
Where does one look for a light that is unseen
When all that we know seems like a polluted dream
So pillars of truth are built by those with solid mind
Never turn down by those blinded by hatred for all time
Gabriel Aug 2018
Futuristic streams of destiny pulling portions of soul into one

Separated bloodlines undergoing transmutations within the sun

Bright coronal plumes change the nature of a living cell

Dipping in cosmic rivers of magical kinds, we cannot tell

Still forks of alterations keep a fated path ever divided

Left to those not third eye blind finding a way to fight it

Gripped by ultimate knowing trapped inside amnesic holds

Lost within the greatest cipher of every ancient story told

Drift into multiple realities after losing sight of the first

As trans-dimensional Beings usher in the brink of a new thirst

Love and oneness are the signposts on a well worn road

All have traveled before, repaying the universe what we owed
Gabriel Mar 2018
Always held so strictly by placid imitations of divine
Visual master sickly to those who remain ever blind

Feed by egotistical mischief meant to nourish only descent
Relishing in despair as though only true pain is the intent

Bruised are these fake shells that fester from the inside
Never realizing that a soul does not have to sold to die

Yet trapped inside it's own cage as a maker of self ruin
Far too lost in the feeling of sinking teeth into another undoing
Gabriel Oct 2017
So let us speak plainly now…together
Just this one forever, again
Abound is a metaphor long forgotten
Momentarily mystifying enchantments
Interlocking bittersweet ballet
Held merely with theories of strings
Spinning within missing seconds
Enveloped by contemplation chaos
Into webs of impossible daydreams
Tasteless are such words delivered
Lost on ears deaf to comprehension
Catapult genuineness until hubris fades
Holdfast to chivalry unto death of self
Carry the wisdom of those older
With the fear of those younger
Be true to more than anyone expects
No story is written, but continually forged
Gabriel Sep 2017
Blown right into pieces like sand between my fingers.
Dig deeper into the land where course foundations may linger.
Steadfast into darkness where the truest hold the light.
First to bare the soul's inner flame to forge the greatest fight.
How can we soar if we never fail a dream.
The brightest stars are always best when they focus their beam.
Bringing illumination into a darkness that only rejects.
Holding on to wisdom leaving stifling regrets.
Reborn in a hue that had gone astray.
Breaking the shell to see the light of a new dawning day.
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