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Doofinity Nov 2015
Never to have
A ring around,
Yet we are
Eternally bound.
No vows made
In ritual spoken,
Our love rooted
Strong and unbroken.
Not hardened by bearing
Commitment or duty,
Rather tenderly gardening
Pure love's beauty.
Unconditional hearts
Forever true.
Thee to me
Myself unto you.
Doofinity Oct 2015
From day one we started
merged paths, never be parted
Connection beyond anything dreamed of
Our souls found eternal love
Sovury Eiffel
Sense only to us, happy day!
Doofinity Oct 2015
Looking forward to you is like a child with exact change, waiting for the ice cream truck in the summer.
Doofinity Sep 2015
Harshest hangover of the heart
Sets in the moment we're apart.
Highly addicted me
Craves another fix of thee.
Doofinity Sep 2015
Creatures of
Passion that
Envoke a
Doofinity Sep 2015
Fickle time
my torment
Winds up
my soul's lament
Time must pass
to enjoy what is to come
But the in between
is ever loathsome
Waiting through
agonizing slow cadence
The tick tock tests
my impatient patience
I urge the pendulum pace
to please advance
To the next moment
in your arms where we dance
Once together
With swift speed
the hands spin
I beg the gears
for a moment still
They pay no mind
to my wish and will
The only steady rhythm
of time I know
Is the constant of you
in my heart's tempo.
Doofinity Sep 2015
Unsung words
of our hearts harmony
In another time
we long to be
Rhythms step off-beat
in time's cruelest rations
Yet our souls dance
with graceful glow of passions
Forever together
yet never
you and me
we love amid
bittersweet fantasy.
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