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 Sep 20 MJ
They’re scary
Some are in the closet
Some are under the bed
But you want to know a secret
The scariest monsters
Are in our heads
I am my own monster
 Sep 20 MJ
Genevieve Claire
Carbon Monoxide is seeping,
it's seeping,
I don't seep, I sink.

I sing,
like the breeze.

I sleep like the sun
in the months
of perpetual rain. I slink
and I hide
from the fire and sage.

And nothing
could stop me
from feeling this way.
 Apr 2017 MJ
Edward Coles
Be kind to yourself.
You have come so far.
Each emotion you feel tattooed
to your skin
the seasons wash away like chalk.

Be kind to yourself.
You are braver than you thought.
No longer scared of what lies
beneath your bed
but what awaits when you wake up.

Be kind to yourself.
You are worthy of love.
Only you give permission
for forked tongues
to leave passing words as lasting scars.

Only you can adopt old failures
and stack them as obstacles
upon each new path.
You cannot dictate what will be
only – who you are.

Be kind to yourself.
You are doing enough.
You cannot always be switched on.
Sometimes you have to lay down
and breathe –

it is not greed.
If you are always exhausted
you cannot help anybody.

Be kind to yourself.
You did not grow
from a single cell
born from a dying star
in order to feel so small.

You did not close the door
on friends when you expected
more from them.
Why beat yourself up
for who you were before?

Be kind to yourself.
A faltering dancer who gets up
again and again
draws the loudest applause
at the curtain call.

A person who spent half their life
at war with themselves
knows the value of peace,
the feat of getting out the house;
the measure of good mental health.

Be kind to yourself.
You have come so far.
They say ten thousand hours
is the time it takes
to master an art.

You spent so much longer than that
learning the patterns of your heart.
You can pull at those common threads
that keep you together
even when you are falling apart.

Be kind to yourself.
You are stronger than you thought.
Like Leonard says,
“there’s a crack of light in everything. “
You do not have to be perfect.

You do not have to live in the dark.
Be kind to yourself.
Make sure you get to the end.
Do not worry
how you stumbled at the start.
 Apr 2017 MJ
Anonymous Freak
Shrink wrapped
Flash frozen
And grunge.
Spray on depth
And emotions,
To children.
Individually packaged
Because something
Needs to be wrong with you
For people to care.

In our pre ripped,
Pre faded jeans,
About drugs
And drink,
By children
Who've never come close
To either,
At the top of their lungs
Into the night.

Because pain is deep,
Pain is real.

We're dumping paint cans
Full of black paint
Over our heads,
Clumping our hair together,
Covering our sunshine
Yellow bodies.
Just to demonstrate
Some contrast
Against the summer
Blue sky,
So we get to be
A little different.



Do you feel it in the air?
Family value sized
Self destruction?

And pointing it out
Is pointless,
Because my fake nose piercing,
And brand new
First tattoo
Sting still,
You could say I'm the worst.
 Apr 2017 MJ
Alaska Young
Why Write?
 Apr 2017 MJ
Alaska Young
Because people ruin trust
and papers don't.
 Apr 2017 MJ
Ana Sweeney
 Apr 2017 MJ
Ana Sweeney
I can feel myself slowly slipping through the cracks, fading further and further into the distance, soon to become nothing more than a ghost, fabricated by their nostalgia.
 Apr 2017 MJ
Shashy Quinn
9 1/2
 Apr 2017 MJ
Shashy Quinn
What to do with this strange mind,
It does not relax it does not unwind,
It is not content until it is fed,
It's craving gets vicious when put to bed.
Relationships that sink and yet
leave you high and dry, but
complications always arise when
your eye's not on the ball.

my eyes are on stalks every time that she talks
and she leads me astray at her will,
convention may rule but not in her school,
not when my text book turns into a *** look and she
says to me,
detention at three.

It's complex, concave, convex,
save me from geometry and the
angles that angle therein.

After detention a month
of suspension,
'could do better'
the end of the letter the
teacher sent to me.
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