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all these conversations i made up in my head
just to fill up our lost communication
Alaska Young Jul 2021
if the choice to die
was mine to make
i'd probably dead by now
Alaska Young Jul 2021
when you miss someone
the happy memories
hurt the most
i wish heaven has visiting hours
Alaska Young Jul 2021
----a consolation
for the prize you didn't win

please, DON'T try again
Alaska Young Jul 2021
dearest inay,

you won't be able to read this
but still I wanted to write
hoping that angels will whisper my words to you

inay, your passing is the most painful I ever had
no words can explain the pain I felt on that November morning
and after half a year, tears still streaming
I wish I could blame someone
I wish I could just say that it's just a matter of time
and everything will be okay
but I know deep down, everything will never be the same

I didn't tell you before
but you are the definition of a mother to me
you are so selfless and caring and loving
and when I'm with you
I feel like I'm a child that needs protection
not an independent girl people have known me to be

I pray, God will let me meet you again in another lifetime
I wish you could be my child
so that I can show you how good mother you are.

i miss you so much and it breaks my heart knowing that in this life, we will never have a chance to speak again
Alaska Young Jul 2021
I wish
I could be a good writer
the one that could give light thru poetry
but when I started to type
my heart only whispers broken words
Alaska Young Jul 2021
at times
I wish I could live backwards
hoping that I could meet
the happy version of me
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