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Alaska Young Jun 2
I find peace in thinking
that I could settle somewhere
cold but green
being sustainable and nature-lover
Alaska Young May 23
i don't forgive easily
i hold grudge
tight and firm
i hold it like an impaled object
stabbed in me
afraid that if I make a slight wrong move
or have the courage to pull it off
i might bleed to death

help me.
-slight confession (part1.1)
Alaska Young May 23
How many of your days here are happy?
And how many of those are real?
It is my sincerest wish that you find real happiness.
Alaska Young May 21
Living in this world was never easy for me
to be honest i used to find peace in the thought of death
end of all - pains, sufferings, trials, heartbreaks
because why try hard to live when dying is hundred percent easier
I socialize, but deeply I hate human interactions
My mom used to tell me when she's mad
that I'm better off alone
And I must admit I'm really good at being alone
My best friend said that she can't imagine someone would tame my attitude, I'm twisted, complicated and I can't blame them
I don't even understand myself most of the time
Alaska Young May 14
I hope you don't hate
the reflection you see
when u look in the mirror
Alaska Young Mar 20
They say,
If two people are meant to be,
In the end it'll be their story.

But after you left, I say
If we're still meant to be,
Then **** destiny
Alaska Young Jan 9
it took--
countless sleepless nights
river of tears; ocean of sadness
dozen of prescribed pills
never-ending cycle of time travel to the memories we shared, half-hoping it'll happen again
years of doubting my worth
"Why you didn't stay?" I asked myself.
And the answer hit me like a thunderstorm stirring in a hot humid afternoon waiting to strike anytime:

"Some people came into our lives not to save us, but to teach us how to save ourselves."
i save myself today
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