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I’ve seen love die.

I’ve watched it
Wither, falter and
Rot, until there was
Nothing left but hate.
Ana Sweeney Aug 10
When I was angry
You told me to be soft

When I was soft
You told me to be strong

When I was strong
You told me to be silent

When I was silent
It only made me *******

  Jul 13 Ana Sweeney
At first I wanted to please you,
I gave in just to appease you.
But your requests were at my expense
And your complaints began to stretch.
It wasn’t just the things I did “wrong”
But who I am, and what I said
Then you changed what I had meant,
And put crazy worries in my head...
Ana Sweeney Jul 8
I see it.
I feel it.

It clings.
Holds tight.
To the atmosphere.

It whispers.
Softly, sweetly.
Through wind and tree.

In shadows.
Sometimes footsteps.
Is it following me?
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