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MJ Jan 2023
At that moment, the pieces of glass exploding from the windows of her city gently moved backward and glued themselves into their panes. The flames from bursting from buildings curled themselves inward, clearing smoke from the sky, wiping away a soft sun that showed everything was right again.

"I miss you," he had said. "I miss you."
MJ Jan 2023
Sweet things remembered go


in the now.

Dragging pieces from you     s l o w l y
that you once
down     somehow

Didn't they look soft
when they lit up your world?
The way their budding promises
came to your lips unfurled?

Like dandelion skeletons
                        slipping             through the wind
Sweet moments that
built you a

i o l  e
n t
in the end
MJ Nov 2022
Remembers best while the worst falls back. Forgetful Girl, where'd you leave your worth this time? Forgetful Girl, repeated patterns, they won't change your mind. Forgetful Girl, is the pain the only one you won't lack? Forgetful Girl, finding faith at the alter of their eyes? Forgetful Girl, burning your knees hoping they won't lie? Forgetful Girl, always running to the past. Forgetful Girl, it's all the same, close your eyes. Deep breaths.
MJ Nov 2022
I said I'd get away from this
yet find myself in sin

With men who work and use and
steal the parts of me once lived

I swore I'd leave this me behind
yet here she is tonight

I want to run but shriveled legs
can't go far in the night
MJ Nov 2022
I want the hold of holiness
whatever that may be

Tightly wrap and warm my heart
that's longing to be free

I need your hold of holiness
whoever you may be

Searching for them
with such forced grin

Will I be holy?
MJ Nov 2022
Slow down slow down
I can't keep up my strength
On and off and staying here
I have no time to waste
Yet I'll stay and swing and listen well
Faster but I will fall
Hang on until I can't no more
Spin me through it all
My bones are weak and I'm afraid
I'm gonna hit the ground
Oh carousel
Make me lost not found
MJ Nov 2022
I'm bright circles inside rotted wood, cut open on the edges of your mind

Endlessly talking about rebirth, waiting for spoken word

Cold days, dark nights, I'll stay in place

Footprints in dirt forever will be mine

Did you know to settle me before leaving me to die?

Taking all my warmth away so you could stay alive
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