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Lucero Jul 2018
What if you wake up tomorrow
and forget who you are
and who you used to be?
Is it all gone?
Have all the people you’ve ever met
and all the places you’ve ever been to
disappeared instantaneously?
Why don’t you step outside your comfort zone
before you lose yourself to your naked truth.
Are you living?
Or are you simply breathing in the toxins of your own demise?
Lucero May 2018
Nothing is impossible,
from the dazzling lights
to the trumpets from mars,
that heightens the imagination
from a curious state of mind.

What will you do?
What will you say?
In this day and in this hour
to embark on your journey
that is meant for you
and you alone.

All is possible
as the leaves grow
and wither down below
to disintegrate
and help provide for
a new generation of youth.

The world is yours
to change and to amend.

What will you do?
What will you say?
In this day and in this hour
to embark on your journey
that is meant for you
and you alone.
Lucero Mar 2018
The air that surrounds me
calms my spirit down.
The green of the trees
paint a picture of purity.
It's silent and calming,
I dare say so.
The rhythm of the sound,
drifting like an echo,
breathes life into me.
Lucero Mar 2018
If you live your days

like you’re not living at all,

will you be remembered?

And will your presence

be heard?

Will there be a voice,

illuminating the darkness

that may someday

make its way through?

Will the oceans

be there to guide you

when you need it

the most?

Will the strength you have,

help you at your worst?

Your mere presence

is the key to your very own

successful bliss.
Be your own hero...
Lucero Jan 2018
We are lost souls
trying to find out
where we belong
in this universe
filled with rotten spices
and uniformed diseases
set to make us fall,
but you know
we will be back
to stand up tall
with the strength we carry
to improvise
whenever we need to be
realistically alright
and fend off the darkness
that may arise
quicker than one may blink
and say it's fitting
to be like this
when in fact
the truest of words
were painted on a fabric
of world bliss
carrying to sooth the soul
and bring the best
in every situation
and every constellation
in the sky
and in our selves today.
Lucero Jan 2018
It was she who dared
To be strong and free.

It was she who dared
To light up the darkest room.

It was she who dared
To fight for what is right.

It was she who dared
To take a faithful leap.

And lose herself in a poetic verse,

to try new things

to believe in all who cared

to purse her dreams

to become an independent being

to speak for those who cannot speak

to leave her comfort zone

and be productive and diverse.
Lucero Jan 2018
Sometimes there are mysteries
Here and there
Needing to be solved
By you and I.

But where did the time go?
It flashed before my eyes,
Just in time for me to realize
Some mysteries weren’t solved
By you and I.

Some were solved
For we aren’t one in the same.

We are human,
Yes we are;
But as a matter of fact,
We may need each other
To solve some mysteries,
Yet we are capable
And strong enough

We have our own paths to follow
As we aren’t one in the same.

Although we may be
Each other’s puzzle pieces,
We are free to be free
And experience life
Through an independent lens
Aware of all the possibilities.
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