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Lonerblues Dec 2019
You are my calming blue skies and clear icy waters.
You are my peace on days that gloom & nights that brew cold.
You are an art piece with radiant finger tips that drew honey sweet vines down my sinful soul.
You are the star with goals that that flew across different horizons in your mind.
You are a collection of hidden pieces that are stuck in time.
You are my Angel & you’re forever mine.
Lonerblues Jun 2019
There is this sense of home,
Where it feels like a doormat was
Placed under my feet & I’m able to walk bare
            & Feel free.
         This is when the ongoing noise that rushes
in like currents drowns out in the background, and no static is left into the land of peace.

   All I hear is the sighs, the morsel of a hum, and your clock spinning & echoing like a drum.

I feel at ease & nothing no longer consumes me.
New Year’s Eve.
Lonerblues Apr 2019
I’m tucked between the ruggedness of wired fences and tugging hands
Grasping my heart with hungry fingers ready to rip in shreds
I’m tired of feeling so lost beyond words
By men that love to throw me on the ground with worms.
Lonerblues Feb 2019
Paper smashed
Torn, no longer adored
Pencil cracked
At last, I’m not a writer anymore.
Lonerblues Nov 2018
I don’t expect anyone to understand

And that is the fun part of being me.
Lonerblues Nov 2018
Each flick of your golden smile is pressed onto me like an envelope
And I pour the unscripted ink just for you to rewrite the story of my life
stamp it in the depths of my soul
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