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Leonardo J Feb 2017
to trust in nature for it is the only truth,
in it's savagery find what is pure,
for only what is innocent can spring forth that which is truly untainted,
as blood drenches the gums,
truth and death
to trust an agony,
crimson lifeless cubs at the feet of the alpha lion,
to wallow in pain,
the taste immerses the wolf with joyous delight,
a nurturing provides
young with bone, mother with milk,
so that the solitude may go on,
the trees span,
to trust in one and only one,
for what is love if not trust?
12:41 a.m.  Rilke and me
Leonardo J Dec 2016
death and decay
and we sink
into the soil,
into mother,
deep in her as she shreds us apart,
she meshes us,
so that we may we sprout once again,
be torn once again,
*****, eaten, consumed, and tossed into the dregs of the most unfathomable wastes,
we sink,
into into the soil.
Leonardo J May 2016
There I stood,
a grown man, (or at least I like to think of myself as one)
shaking her hand,
her hands; dry, rough, hard,
and my hands had never felt so soft as during that moment;  so sheltered as when I touched your mother’s hands,
her hardened thenar, those callused fingers, flooded me with warmth in the midst of a December night,
I could feel her love,
those hands that laboured all your life for you,
those hands  that have toiled for you,
your mother’s hands,
the hands of love.
you are loved.
Leonardo J Mar 2016
"Everybody's talking at me,
I don't hear a word they're saying,
Only the echoes of my mind,
People stopping, staring,
I can't see their faces,
Only the shadows of their eyes,
I'm going where the sun keeps shining,
Through the pouring rain,
Going where the weather suits my clothes,
Banking off of the northeast winds,
Sailing on a summer breeze
And skipping over the ocean like a stone."

-Harry Nilsson
a song by Harry Nilsson
Leonardo J Mar 2016
An eclipse of the heart,
Sorrow celebrates,
Darkness reigns.
Leonardo J Mar 2016
Sialia, O Sialia,
how I yearn to hear from thee,
If silence be golden,
how rich hath thou made me?
Copyright © L.J.M 2016

Leonardo J Mar 2016
I drove you home thinking how about how much I did not want the night to end,
It was quiet, save for the ambient noise as we drove through the freeway,
I glanced over at you, your face, your thoughts,
a  mystery.
You said to me “Do you ever just listen to the silence?”
and then suddenly it was as if I was in a special place,
a special place I only knew of,
a secret chamber I retreat to,
and yet you so effortlessly walked into it,
perhaps you already knew of this place,
perhaps you already knew of the silence,
perhaps you had been there far before I had,
these thoughts raced through my  head,
I replied to you after a few seconds of reflection,
“yes, I do listen to the silence”
you bring warmth and comfort to me when I am in your presence. I understand,  I understand the bluebird must fly away.
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