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Where’s the barbed wire I want to tie up your limbs, squeeze till it turns blue and slit open your wrists.
Rip out your veins and shove them in your mouth.
Rip out your tongue like you’re rotting in hell.
Nail your eyeballs into the socket, sew your lips together, cut them off and put them in your pocket.
Get a tile cutter to split apart your feet to your knees,
Get a sledgehammer to shatter your femur because you’ve already brought me to my knees.
Set you ablaze for all of this torment.
You all ****** me over before everyone was for it.
So excuse me for wanting to get revenge.
But you can’t expect to torture someone their whole existence and for them to not turn out like this.

(Directed at the masquerade or whoever the hell is out to get me. Awesome.)
 Jun 30 Lauren Leal
It’s hard
to make people

if you don’t
make people
valued and loved
The mind is like a river,
We build dams around this river,
Restricting thoughts,
Allowing them to build up over time,
Flooding the landscape on the otherside.

Allow the river to flow,
Flow with the river.
Meet the ocean,
Where anything is possible.
My sins may outweigh yours,
but they are sins,
all the same.
Broken Heart
Hurting in silence, hurting alone. I can taste sorrow, and the emense discontent and  disillusion embodied in oath....
Empty thoughts continue to plague my soul;
Standing still, eyes moving forward
unfiltered emotions shut down by meaningless apologies. ~Linda Ramirez
 Jun 30 Lauren Leal
It’s here,
caught in these words I’ve read
so many times,
with a familiar voice in my ears
and warmth on my face
That I really feel like

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