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Staring in the mirror at my puffy face
Just like them you're going at the same pace
A razor in my pocket hoping you'll help me through
And if I do it I'm not sure I'll tell you

Cause whats the point if you'll only get mad
Yell and tease to someone who's sad
Break my heart cause I wanted to talk
I'm not perfect but I'm not gonna walk
You turn away cause you cant stand my face
I wonder everyday how I lost this race
I'll end up alone and it hurts more to know
That nobody wants you very long they'll go
I cuddle with it anytime I'm in my bed
You've had it since you were young
I really liked that thing that you said
About how you want it to give me hope
It feels good whenever I wear it
About myself and my future too
Its baggy but it kinda fits
Where did you go in this shirt- and what did you do?
If I say "dont go" of course youll say "I wont" cause if you say otherwise ill know you dont love me as much as you say you do,  and you dont want me to know that... at least not yet.
We could read a book titled "Everyone Dies"
And wed still be shocked at every death
My heads blank, and my stomach aches
My cats gone, and my voice shakes

Hes distant, friends wont talk to me
Feel alone, and you dont see

This chess game, it makes me feel dumb
All my thoughts, make me feel numb

I cant draw, play video games
Im so mad, and I cant cry

This has been a bad week.
And its only Tuesday
Now that its over I see
I was happy, because of your lies
But I wanna be happy because of someones truth
Not really a poem
I want to travel the world
And of course so do you
So ill just look you in the eyes
Thats all I have to do

Then im taken to another place
A world for you and me
I just need to see your face
Then im taken across seas
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