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you understand me and i understand you, we are two bodys of one soul we are twins and dare to be ourselves when we are together

 Oct 2014 Kristen Renee Smith
He nibbled at my ear and whispered 'Let yourself loose.'
I asked 'Darling,will you play with my monsters too?'
this is not another Macklemore song, though I know you don't
mind him at all, and his songs reminds me of you.
this is my thing for you, cause I love you, you love me too, and that's
new to me. but I promised myself, that whatever I do, whoever I'll
''like'', you're not allowed to write that you're in love with someone because then you're getting married and we're not, ever again, it can't be someone 3000 miles away, because those people who lives 3000 ******* miles away, breaks your heart, and my heart can't be broken again. then I'll break.
I think you're romantic, and I will keep comparing you to the other girls, 3000 ******* miles away, because they were not. they were stone cold. I swear you could cut yourself on them. and I did. I have so many ugly scars.
you're also still just a child, with too many silly dreams, and you think you know what you are. I'm old, supposed to be wise, and I still don't know what I am, yet, and I'll never figure it out, when young girls, like you, keeps stealing my heart.

Suddenly, the future doesn’t look so bright
Guided by a lighthouse without a light
Like a ship finding its way back to land
Misdirected, you’re buried in the sand
they say they'll be there
but when you're feeling depressed
they don't understand
i can't help but cry
i'm tired of feeling alone
but what can i do
no one tried to stay
why am i not used to it
since this happened lot
Then the tears came flowing
Pouring down her face
And the release in relinquishing her pain into the open,
Even if it was her alone in her room,
Brought a stillness of peace
At least, the closest thing to it she'd felt in a while
And so she wrote and she wrote and she wrote
Hoping it would take the pain out of her and onto the paper instead
Let her make sense of it all
And figure out what to do.
But no help came and the picture remained muddled
So with her tear stained cheeks she curled up to sleep
Praying it would be her last
its so sad
how all the apples at the top of the tree
never get chosen

its always
the apples at the bottom they are easier
to reach

so the perfect
apples at the top start to think *
something is wrong

they just have
to wait for the right person to come across
and climb the way

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