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Jul 2015 · 659
They'll Go
Staring in the mirror at my puffy face
Just like them you're going at the same pace
A razor in my pocket hoping you'll help me through
And if I do it I'm not sure I'll tell you

Cause whats the point if you'll only get mad
Yell and tease to someone who's sad
Break my heart cause I wanted to talk
I'm not perfect but I'm not gonna walk
You turn away cause you cant stand my face
I wonder everyday how I lost this race
I'll end up alone and it hurts more to know
That nobody wants you very long they'll go
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
Your Shirt
I cuddle with it anytime I'm in my bed
You've had it since you were young
I really liked that thing that you said
About how you want it to give me hope
It feels good whenever I wear it
About myself and my future too
Its baggy but it kinda fits
Where did you go in this shirt- and what did you do?
Jun 2015 · 410
Not yet
If I say "dont go" of course youll say "I wont" cause if you say otherwise ill know you dont love me as much as you say you do,  and you dont want me to know that... at least not yet.
Jun 2015 · 706
We could read a book titled "Everyone Dies"
And wed still be shocked at every death
Jun 2015 · 1.6k
bad week
My heads blank, and my stomach aches
My cats gone, and my voice shakes

Hes distant, friends wont talk to me
Feel alone, and you dont see

This chess game, it makes me feel dumb
All my thoughts, make me feel numb

I cant draw, play video games
Im so mad, and I cant cry

This has been a bad week.
And its only Tuesday
May 2015 · 338
Now that its over I see
I was happy, because of your lies
But I wanna be happy because of someones truth
Not really a poem
May 2015 · 446
Across Seas
I want to travel the world
And of course so do you
So ill just look you in the eyes
Thats all I have to do

Then im taken to another place
A world for you and me
I just need to see your face
Then im taken across seas
Nov 2014 · 372
Id cry a lot if you left..
Every time I watched certain movies like 17 again, a nightmare before christmas or the fault in our stars
Every time I heard certain songs that are on your playlists
Every time I saw a quote id usually save and send to you when you were sad
Every time I saw a picture of people cuddling
Every time I saw that bra youd jokingly loved to undo
Every time I saw anything you gave to me
Everytime I saw a turtle
Every time I saw the logo to your favorite brand
Every time I heard your name
So basically ill cry all the time
Nov 2014 · 7.0k
Take off my lipstick
It makes me feel slutty
Rub off my eyeliner
Ill never be pretty

Change into pajamas
And then lay in bed
Pretend your cuddling with me
You cant take back the words you said

Those ugly words hurt
And they proved me right
Im not special just like I thought
But it still hurts that you want me out of your sight

Will i ever get to know
What about me is so bad
I try my best at everything
Is it cause im easily sad?

You think I dont know all my flaws?
They repeat in my head all the time
So you dont have to point them out
Id be lying if I said I was fine
Nov 2014 · 1.6k
Love is not being married, or looking good together or having stuff in commen.
Love is when, even when your not physically with that person theyre on your mind.
Love is when you cuddle, or hug or even hold hands and suddenly you dont care about the things you once worried about.
Love is when you wanna scream "theyre mine" to the world, but instead you whisper n it to them cause they are your world.
I know its not exactly a poem... but ....
Nov 2014 · 496
You dip potato chips in ketchup just like me
You pic at your fingers until they bleed
I do that too whenever im nervous
I want you to be the one I dance with late at night
The one thats not afraid to kiss me in the middle of a fight
Walk down the road with me while its raining
Oct 2014 · 1.2k
I try not to fall asleep, not wanting to be away from you
But then I do I sleep deep, a rest thats way past due
But while I sleep your not gone, cause baby your in my dreams tonight
Distantly I hear our song, I wish id dream of you every night
Oct 2014 · 1.7k
My heart pounds and breaks into pieces
Whenever I cry I have so many reasons
I close my eyes and I see your face
you look at me and make my heart race
Your true love is my fine medicine
When I die your touch gives me life again
Your all I want and all ill ever need
Your every wish I made on a dandelion seed
Oct 2014 · 2.0k
will you
Will you still mean forever?
Will you ever say "I love you" again?
Will you ever kiss my lips again?
Will you ever give me a hug again?
Will you ever hold my hand again?
Will you ever say im beautiful?
Will you be there when I need you?
Will you still protect me from worlds evil?
Will you still dance with me?
Will you still look at me?
Will you still notice me?
Will you even remember, me?
Its the little things that matter the most.
Sep 2014 · 1.4k
happy birthday to me
Today is my birthday
Im turning 17
Its really just another day
People are just as mean

They tell me its my special day
But they control it all
They do everything without my say
Some dont even call

Some of the guests will show up late
Some ditched me for their friends
Its supposed to be my special date
But I cant wait for it to end
Aug 2014 · 500
Isnt it sad;
Whenever you ask the gunman to hold your hand
Before he pulls the trigger
Aug 2014 · 632
best friend
I saw my best friend today
They came over quite a bit
I spill all my secrets out to them
In return they give me reliefe

I saw my sharp blade today
I held it tight quite a bit
I spill some of my blood out to it
In return it gives me reliefe
Aug 2014 · 912
Agree to Disagree
Your with that straight girl
Whos into you
Shes out of this world
She wont move in with you

You let her make your life ****
While you complain about my boy
Just shut up now this is it
This is all my choice

While you live with our mother
While your 20 years old
Still with her not another
She'll always make you fold

Ill be in my big house
With the same boy I have loved
You wont win this joust
Take off the boxing gloves

Lets agree to disagree
We wont say a word again
She has you n he has me
Lets just see how this will end
Aug 2014 · 854
Baby, Darling
Darling, youll be ok
I know its easier to say
But baby she doesnt deserve you
so darling dont feel blue

Now this isnt a love song
Im just saying you did nothing wrong
Darling stay strong now
Pretty soon she will ask how
How the hell did she just leave
But baby thatll be when you feel relief
Darling, youll be ok....
Jul 2014 · 1.0k
As If
When you're rude its as if you grab my arm
When you argue its as if you shove me away
When you cuss at me its as if you punch n beat me
When I cut its as if I apologize
When I drink its as if you accept me
When I die its as if I make you happy

— The End —