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 Jun 2017 Keva Minus
 Jun 2017 Keva Minus
I was not born a


I was broken into


 Jun 2017 Keva Minus
Love you
 Jun 2017 Keva Minus
I love the stubble on your chin
The storm in your eyes
The beating of your heart
I love the salt in your tears
The gel in your hair
The smell of your clothes
I love the lilt in your smile
And the curl of your lashes
And the way you breathe before you sleep
But most of all
I love the way you love me
Even when I can't love myself
 Apr 2017 Keva Minus
That's why I walked right into her
While I knew she would change
Because change is so natural
She just stepped in my life
And pupate out one fine day
But she will not come back here
Whatever that was thought or said!

For she is just another butterfly,
And I'm not looking for insects.
My HP Poem #1508
©Atul Kaushal
 Apr 2017 Keva Minus
Mike Hauser
She woke up with wings on her heels
Which brought to mind, that's all she wrote
With no need for shoes to escape the blues
Although she did grab a coat

She floated an inch off to the door
Leaving no prints on the linoleum floor
Opening it wide to the great outside
At that very moment she was seen no more
 Apr 2017 Keva Minus
Em Glass
a mantra: I can do
things that hurt, I can
do things that hurt,
three miles in, feet
in the dirt, trying
breathe in, cold numb
swim, trying goodbye,
hello, subvert,
feet in the river,
feet in the dirt,
I can do things
that hurt,
I can do things that hurt.
 Apr 2017 Keva Minus
Mike Hauser
Allow me my love to lift you up
Through the best and worst of times
With mountains beyond these foothills
Arm in arm we both will climb

Don't mind the daily pressures
That tend to come from every side
Or the weight of the situation
As you are heavy on my mind

At the turn of every tunnel
Though dim there is a light
Helps in keeping focused
In never losing sight

If you can count on anything
It's the true love of my might
No matter the weight of the rainy days
You are heavy on my mind

Life can be counted off in seconds
In its maddening rush of time
If along the way there are no lessons
Consider it a crime

Don't make light of the situation
Or of the chains that bind
You are the mix inside of the making
As you are heavy on my mind
 Apr 2017 Keva Minus
 Apr 2017 Keva Minus
If love is successful,
It can translate as life.
If love is unsuccessful,
It can be deadly too.

If love is successful,
One may play the leisurely fife.
If love is unsuccessful,
One may start their countdown.

If love is successful,
It can bless a person.
If love is unsuccessful,
It will **** the person.
My HP Poem #1511
©Atul Kaushal
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