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3.2k · Mar 2013
Keva Minus Mar 2013
Hungry for love, I was so hungry for love.
I am festering from my own greed, ravenous love.
Poor guy, he was a victim to this love hungry savage.
I attacked him with my love, pushed him so far away.
I’m not meant to be loved, no not meant for anybody.
He loved me, he actually loved me.
Yet I did not know how to love him back.
I wish he understood, and I wish I could have told him.
I’m not meant to be loved, NO ,should not be loved by him.
Stupid girl, so very stupid girl, and girl you are very much stupid.
Stepped all over his heart, unworthy of his love, so ungrateful.
My past hurt leaked into my present, unwanted, not wanted.
I felt like he was going to hurt me, hurt me, hurt me, I’m hurt.
I’m not meant to be loved, no not meant to be loved by any.
I am loves enemy, oh how love hates my bitter soul, my cold heart.
Let me in, I wont let love in, it knocks its knocking, I slam I slam.
Love wants to **** me, but I’m already dead, and now love buries me.
Here I lay; I’ve lost a heart, that beating muscle which enables me to breathe.
I gave him my heart, yet it lacked love, he didn’t feel, he didn’t know it beats.
I’m not meant to be loved, no no no not meant to be loved at all.
I love him, oh God how I love him, like you love us God.
But how do I love him, how do I show, how can I show?
I had, I have a Purple undeveloped, bloodless, loveless heart.
He pumped his blood into me; he drowned me in his love.
I tried to pump back, only a leak, over the years it drained out.
So what’s left for him, what did he get, a heart that’s dehydrated.
I’m not meant to be loved; no not meant because of me.
Here I am, sick with agony, dripping in pain.
Too late, its too late, how he hates me, me he hates, he hates.
How he tried, hard he tried, tried to fix a broken glass and got cut.
He’s bleeding now, I want to stop his pain, but the more I touch the more he bleeds.
I didn’t mean to God, I pray take his pain away, let him forget me.
Take the love he has for me out of his heart, let him drop mine, just leave it on the floor.
Let the herd demolish it completely this time so I cannot feel anymore hurt.
I never should have allowed him to grow near, but I loved him more than me.
I thought I was showing my love, I really tried, oh how I tried.
I’m not meant to be loved; I never was, never meant to be loved.
Never meant to be loved by anybody, never meant to be loved by him.
I'm not meant to be loved by you!
By: Keva Minus ©
2.3k · Apr 2013
Keva Minus Apr 2013
Gone like the wind, yet I still felt the breeze.
A former love was she to him.
She was the past, yet a present seed.
That grew on me like a disease through my skin.

Jealousy had caught my soul.
He was mine, yet I felt that I was sharing.
That seed I watched, I watched her unfold.
Her branches became more and more daring.

You watered her, and so she bloomed.
And I allowed her to take root in the ground.
Our relationship from the beginning was doomed.
You never let her go, she was always around.

And so she grew between us until we parted.
That ivy she just poisons away.
She made loving him, loving the hardest.
The wind is back and she’s here to stay.

Although I love him with every breath.
I shall not become a forbidden seed.
For if he is gone and if he has left,
It’s best that I just let him leave.

**** that forbidden seed.
**** that forbidden seed.
**For growing between us!
By: Keva Minus ©

Have you ever had a boyfriend with an ex, who just won't go away!
She is obviously still in love with him! He must love her, because he allows her to enter his present relationship. "Yes, they call themselves friends with their mouths. But their Hearts dare not lie to each other!"
2.0k · Mar 2013
Keva Minus Mar 2013
My heart is malfunctioning and sends blood to my pupils.
Now my heart lacks oxygen and all I see is pain.
And through these blood shot eyes I can’t see a thing.
If I ever love again, I won’t ever love the same.

Have you ever seen oxygen filled, blood red tears?
Have you ever felt pain run down your cheeks?
I cry blood; I cry pain, through all life’s jeers.
Not because I care and not because I’m weak.

I cry blood tears because the hurt is beyond control.
This pain exceeds pain and surpasses hurt.
No I’m not sad, I don’t need to be consoled.
I’m beyond, far far beyond the worst.

Cry cry cry; untill I have no tears left.
Hurt hurt hurt; until I feel no pain.
The water dries, and blood sweats.
I have nothing to lose and nothing to gain.

Heart break, my heart has no ache.
Heart broken, my heart has not been broken.
Heart destroyed, no heart left to shake.
It cannot be repaired, no longer is it open.

As blood tears continue to leak.
I lose all life, all feelings, and all patience.
They see me, but they do not seek.
I’m dead, and that’s an understatement.
By: Keva Minus ©

A reflection of my past hurt.
Sometimes Pain can be so excruciating that you feel lifeless.
It's so intense that it causes you to go numb!
In Line three (3) and four (4) of stanza two(2) I wrote: "I cry blood; I cry pain, through all life’s jeers.
Not because I care and not because I’m weak. I meant that I have cried so many tears that I am no longer weak and I no longer care, my feelings surpasses both words!

Has anyone ever felt dead? I have!
Thank God that someone revived me, now life is but a dream :)
1.6k · Nov 2013
Keva Minus Nov 2013
I am trapped in my own memories, an endless whimper through frail bones.
Despite the clocks ceaseless “Tick Toc”, I remain in my own fearful zones.
The sweat drizzles down my heart, Anxiety rushes through my veins.
Stay away from me love, NO NO NO, I don’t want the Pain.
I feel you lurking through those dark corners, I’m afraid.
Running from the fear of you, out of my body I have strayed.
I don’t want you to burn my soul, crush my aorta into stones.
Your trying to pierce my heart, I’m terrified, please leave me alone.
I've met you; I've savored your sweet honey taste in slow sips.
That was before the honey bees came to sting my coated lips.
The horror, the thought of love, the feeling of love is terrifying.
Is love really the phobia, or is it the hurt that I am memorizing.
It all boils down to love; it is out to get me, to hurt me.
How do I make it go away, how do I make it FLEE, FLEE, FLEE.
It's creeping around my lonely heart, to feel is what I fret.
I hide, but love removes my hands from my beating chest.
Persistent, don't you get the point of my reaction.
Love, why do you wish to grant me dissatisfaction?
I know, I want you, I want you it's true.
I'm so afraid of what damage, maybe wonders you may do.
What will you do? Please don't hurt me anymore.
I picked up those pieces that you left broken before.
I will get over this fear, If you show me a little, just a little grace.
Kiss me softly, I will open my tightened eyes, to see your beautiful face.
Even then my palms will be damped with frightful anticipation.
You penetrated your way inside of me, Love you are penetrating!
Please stay this time, I'm really afraid that you will go!
To have love away from me, I can't stand it, I don't know!

**My phobia is not having you Love!
Not having you is my Phobia.
Loving is not the Phobia!
The Phobia is loving not!
By: Keva Minus ©
Keva Minus Dec 2013
I’m covered in you, dripping with sweet aroma.
Your flavor lingers on my lips.
I'm entangled in your alluring persona.
Your finger prints engraved above my hips.
Amazing, I still feel you between my thighs.
Oh sweet ache, that trickles down.
I'm swaddled in delicious butterflies.
I'm enthralled by those sensual sounds.
Chocolate covered strawberries and melted ice cream cones,
Dripping as if it was a hot summer day.
Shivering spine and rattling bones,
Become more intense as you play.
As you play my tears shout out.
My teeth grasp my lips, in hungry fashion.
My tongue dances in my mouth.
The sheets are tarnished with honeyed passion.

With honeyed passion, you kiss my lips.
With honeyed passion you gave a shove.
With honeyed passion I tried to grip.
Enthralled by the way you give love.

Enthralled with honeyed passion my love.
By: Keva Minus ©
1.6k · Nov 2014
Keva Minus Nov 2014
Do you find it mad that Love controls your body? The heart is responsible for each breath you take.  Do you feel like you can't breathe? Do you feel like your hearts being attacked? Will you continue to live with this love insanity? Will you die from this love insanity?
By: Keva Minus ©
1.4k · Jun 2015
Keva Minus Jun 2015
No one wants
the bitter truth!
And so we savor the lies
that drain from their lips like syrup.
Even syrup has that bitter taste at the end!

❁   ❁   ❁   ❁   ❁
By: Keva Minus ©
1.1k · Apr 2017
Rest Your Head Upon My Heart
Keva Minus Apr 2017
Rest your head upon my heart.
Listen to the beats you've drummed.
Feel each throb of destined love.
Don't you see, what I've become.  
How you've shifted all my dreams.
How you've taken my last breath.
Oh Your warmth, burns every doubt.
And your smile puts fear to rest.

Rest your head upon my heart.
Close your eyes, so you can gaze.
There's an ocean you haven't discovered.
There's a love that will amaze.
As the night had left you lonely.
And the moon dance in your eyes.
Lay here with me, lay in silence.
As I light your gloomy skies.

Rest your head upon my heart.
Make this place you lay your home.
As you nest I'll kiss your fears.
Take my heart it is thine own.
Let the walls you've build be crumbled.
Let the trust you've lost be found.
Oh let me kiss you with my beating.
Let me loose what had you bound.

Rest your head upon my heart.
Oh, rest your love upon my life!
By: Keva Minus ©
1.1k · Jun 2015
Keva Minus Jun 2015
To him,

She was the sun☼

that covered his sky.

And that's the story behind his darkness❤
By: Keva Minus ©
1.1k · Apr 2013
Keva Minus Apr 2013
He holds me tightly with warm embrace.
His hands pull me into his beating chest.
Like galloping horses his heart starts to race.
His heart whispers forever stay.

What lips, his lips, what emotions they create.
With heated passion, they roam, they travel.
As his lips linger leaving me in a frozen state.
His kisses plead don’t go away.

Those eyes stare deeper than they can see.
They pierce through my inner being.
What love in his eyes, his love grows free.
Stay in my presence his eyes persuades me.

When he laughs, what a cheerful sound.
That creates an inner joy in me.
And when he smiles, my heart falls down.
I know that he wants me to stay around.

And because he’s telling me stay forever.
Through every action that he portrays.
Just because I’ll leave him never,
I’ll stay, I’ll stay forever.

Because I’m telling you stay too.
Forever, I’ll stay, forever with you.
Forever I’ll stay, forever with you.
By: Keva Minus ©
Keva Minus Jun 2015
I met love one summer that felt like spring.
When honey was sweet and all the honey bees lurked.
The butterflies would flutter and the birds would sing.
What were the odds of a love that could have worked?
I loved him that summer, a subtle love it was.
We blew like the breeze going our separate ways.
Like the wind summer was gone, just because…
The years went by, there remained the summer days.
I went through the years falling in lust.
Oblivious, Love was left in the summer breeze.
My heart was left in the rain to rust.
The rain rusted my heart with ease.
Broken like the wings of a dove.
Like a slaughtered sheep, I was thrown aside.
I never knew you, I never knew love.
Until I fell by the shore and was swept by the tide.
I was swept in your arms, you swept me away.
I fell back to the summer I always knew.
This summer love was here to stay.
Somehow I have always loved you.
The rust melted off my broken heart like butter.
You mended my heart with gentle fingertips.
I felt the breeze and loves sweet mutter.
Summer is here, sweet honey drips.
I met love one summer, and left it behind.
How could I search for love elsewhere?
I searched for love, and still I did not find.
Love was waiting for me in the summer air.
He always loved me, and he loves me still.
God created a love that I could not imagine.
I give you all of me, I love you until.
Until I die in the summer garden.

A poem I wrote a while back. This remains close to my heart always.

By: Keva Minus ©
1.0k · May 2015
Keva Minus May 2015
We are at the tip of lust.
Trying not to fall in the arms of love.
And so we dangle!
When Lust becomes Love
By: Keva Minus ©
964 · Mar 2013
Keva Minus Mar 2013
Great ***** of fire, dart through the bones.
That muscle pumps ridged ****** stones.
The bitterness won’t leave her alone.
Alone, the bitterness left her home.
Home could not be found for help.
In search she went beyond herself.
Beyond her thoughts, she started to yelp.
She yelped until emotions no longer were felt.
Out of the blue, she felt this soothing breeze,
That cooled her bones that danced like trees.
Her blood streamed rivers flowing into seas.
No longer in confinement her minds at ease.
Hugs and kisses, I felt those before.
Moon lit dinners, chocolates roses at the door,
The dreams sold were sweet to the bitter core.
You sold me no dreams, yet gave me more.
How is it that you took this loneliness from me?
Destroyed my sadness, made bitterness flee,
“U” figured me out to the “T”.
I feel happy; I am blissful to feel free.
Through my unfathomable heart beats love.
It’s not broken or dead, a lively hub.
Peaceful and serene like the shivery white dove.
Chivalry, “I adore thee like the stars above”.
I was under the world, and now I’m on top.
Twinkling eyes, from the stars rain drops.
You dried the flooded garden like a mammoth mop.
I have someone to depend on, and my dreams they would not stop.
You’re the rush of excitement that cured my lifeless streak.
With your tenderness and care you clogged my tear ducts leak.
I have found what I longed for; I no longer have to seek.
Gone are the rain storms, the breeze blow by my silent creek.
By: Keva Minus ©

Inspired by Nikkito ( My Friend)
959 · Feb 2013
This Is Who I Am
Keva Minus Feb 2013
I am a summer child, eyes blazing like the sun when it’s closest to the earth.
My heart is the meaning of love stimulated by its left ventricle.
The ocean is my home. I dwell in the tides of a life known and unknown to humanity.
I am God’s child. With gentle hands he molded me, the summer child.
Summer probed me, until she found me in my mother’s womb.
And then she met me late July, when I dangled free from her legs.
Here I am a bundle of glee. I love the rain in the winter and butterflies that kiss the leaves of trees.
I climb mountains that finger the sky. I fall in love at every chance, ravenous for its fruits.
I yearn to savor its sweet juices that flow from starved lips. I hate the sun.
Why can’t I be the one to give the sky a warm embrace?
Why can't I give the ocean a blue blanket?
Oh, how wonderful it must be to give the world some light.
I say Yes to world peace.
We will never have peace, so just give me a piece of sunshine.
I love the color blue.
It reminds me of the sky that turns her nose up at the world below her.
I am peace, joy and the love that touches ones heart.
I am the sun, the ocean, the sky and the butterfly that rest
inconspicuously on your shoulder.

**This is who I am!
By: Keva Minus ©
Keva Minus Dec 2013
I cover myself in the sky, and fluff the clouds to rest.
The sun kissed me this morning with its golden ray.
I pealed my eyes open to vista a beautiful mess.
It's raining bewitching butterflies today.

I smile at the willow reaching down to hug me.
The lilies wave at me in excitement.
I take a dive into the shimmering sea.
I feel the breeze caress, and whisper, but its silent.

I ate the sweetest berries, juice draining from my lips.
I rode a unicorn, her name is blue magic.
I danced on mountains, I did cartwheels and back flips.
I hanged from star to star in the great galactic.

I am Queen of the universe, the planets gather round.
I think its a rainbow, The sky's colorful spew.
I awake in the arms of a love that's profound.
I never have bad dreams when I'm with you.

I never,
Never ever!
I never have bad dreams when I'm with you.
By: Keva Minus ©
868 · Sep 2015
The Sun will come out (10W)
Keva Minus Sep 2015

❁   ❁   ❁   ❁   ❁
By: Keva Minus ©
865 · Feb 2015
Blue Sky
Keva Minus Feb 2015
"If you turn my day to night,
I will be that star to turn the night sky blue.
You won't ever make me blue".
By: Keva Minus ©
858 · May 2015
Moonlight Lovers
Keva Minus May 2015
We took a dive in the stars.
I made a wish, just one.
I begged the moon, just one more dance,
before we faced the morning sun.

Moonlight lovers, that's what we are.
We ache to be covered in the moon.
The lambency impels us to stay,
until the sunlight compels you home.

Last night rest on my lips, it throbs my pelvis.
You are the star covering my sky.
For we are lovers of the fervor night,
the owls awake and birds no longer fly.

We thirst for the passion that the moon brings forth.
We pine at the thought of the time that's left.
We don't want this to end ever,
and so we count the hours until sunset.

We are moonlight lovers,
We dance in the moon.
We are moonlight lovers,
Until your sunlight love comes home.
This poem is about the other woman/man that is in love/lust with a person that is committed to someone else.  

By: Keva Minus ©
852 · May 2015
A Heart That Fits (HAIKU)
Keva Minus May 2015
Can I wear your heart?
Maybe I'll just try it on.
If it fits, it's mine!
Open up your heart to me.  Maybe we belong together....Maybe.
Love is such a gamble, you win some you lose some.
If you find a love that fits you perfect, try not to let it go!

By: Keva Minus ©
761 · Apr 2013
Awaiting Tomorrow!
Keva Minus Apr 2013
We danced all night and slept all morning.
Side by Side, Hand in Hand, Body to Body!
Your kiss trickled down my soul.
Deep Breaths, Slow caress, Sweet Bliss.
Your eyes, I felt them relish!
They sipped me until I drained.
And I, I did the same, Dido!
I wish we could have stayed!
I wish you would have stayed!
I reminisced, reminisced how we laid!
How we danced, and How we played.
We Kissed and went our separate ways.

**I can't wait to see You Tomorrow!
By: Keva Minus ©

I am in a long distance relationship. The Term Tomorrow is not literal.  " I can't wait to see you tomorrow" means: I can't wait to see you  in the future. Whenever Tomorrow may be!
710 · Jun 2017
Silent I Love You
Keva Minus Jun 2017
Sometimes I'm silent, my tongue stands still. In my silence, when the feelings are not expressed, my heart speaks louder than any sound that hits your ear! But still its soft  and  sweet as a kiss.
By: Keva Minus ©
699 · Sep 2015
Any Volunteers (10W)
Keva Minus Sep 2015
Her Heart is on FIRE.
Who wants to get burned?
By: Keva Minus ©
683 · Jun 2016
Keva Minus Jun 2016
Her Heart was the unknown force,
luring you into its galaxy,
captivating you with its beauty.
Gently holding you down,
It squeezes you with its gravity.
By: Keva Minus ©
668 · Jun 2015
After Dawn
Keva Minus Jun 2015
The sun kisses the sky good night.
He whispers,  I'll be back after dawn.
I've asked the stars to keep you warm.
And in the morning my kiss will melt your Heart.
By: Keva Minus ©
620 · Jan 2014
Keva Minus Jan 2014
Once* upon a time, I dare not speak.
Love was strong and I was weak.
Love was wise and I was blind.
Love was viscous and I was kind.

Yesterday love  laughed at me.
I couldn't solve love's mystery.
I journeyed through a painful maze.
Nothing left but dreadful days.


My love how could it be?
You bow your shameful head at me.
How did you get yourself in a rut?
Now you kiss your victims ****!

Once upon a time, I dare not speak.
When love was strong and I was weak!
Now I'm strong, No longer blind.
I remain sweet and Love, now Kind.

*You know, I still remember Once!
By: Keva Minus ©
599 · May 2015
No Thanks!
Keva Minus May 2015
Men:   I will bring you the moon.

" Can you just bring me a sandwich?"
Those Promises are empty.
I hate empty Promises !
Where is that moon you promised me?

By: Keva Minus ©
566 · Sep 2015
Moving Forward (10 W)
Keva Minus Sep 2015
She was the bird
          ­         flew
                   ­                       away

Never Looking Back !

     ☼         ☼        ☼
By: Keva Minus ©
528 · May 2015
He Shall Fix It Darling
Keva Minus May 2015
God will kiss away those silent tears.
He will embrace you with his promise.
And in this time of trouble, He is the arms that cradle your heart. He is the breeze that will cool your soul and bring you peace.

Your prayers have been answered before they left the earth. He hears the broken you. Your heart is heavy, it will dance like a feather. You will see! You'll be light as a feather!

God Knows,
God Knows,
And he shall fix it Darling.
My Mom Had a stroke, I'm praying for her recovery. My heart is heavy.
By: Keva Minus ©
524 · Feb 2013
He Said Nothing
Keva Minus Feb 2013
He said:
Come my love, I want no other.
My heart belongs to you.
Oh those words, it made me flutter.
What was a girl to do?
His voice was sweet, words melted in my mouth.
I relished the taste I never knew.
My heart was drunk with delicious phrases.
He made a powerful brew.

He said:
I love you, you're my endless song.
My soul was made for thee.
And with those words scream tears of joy.
All bitterness to flee.
Oh you're the girl that I dream of.
In the afternoon I long to sleep.
Yes, chivalry will get you somewhere.
Everywhere with me!

He Said:
Nothing, Nothing, Nothing
Those words meant Nothing!

*After he had his wicked way with me!!!
By: Keva Minus ©
421 · Feb 2013
I Realized
Keva Minus Feb 2013
You don't love me after all!
I don't love me after all!
What an awful epiphany!
By: Keva Minus ©
420 · Mar 2013
Why So Cold?(10W)
Keva Minus Mar 2013
Your love
to keep me warm.
**I'm Freezing!
By: Keva Minus ©
413 · May 2015
It's Just a Kiss
Keva Minus May 2015
I savor that sweet collision that make my Knees wobble.
That moist impact send waves that flutter my heart.
I melt with every sway, sweet, sweet motion.

Those lips manipulate my heart.
I feel love in the way that you kiss me.
Tell me it's love, my heart believes that it is.

By: Keva Minus ©
403 · Nov 2013
Without Hands (10 w)
Keva Minus Nov 2013
Please touch me once again.
This time without your hands!
By: Keva Minus ©
369 · Apr 2015
So I Sit
Keva Minus Apr 2015
I can't stand it,
The way you held her as if she were life itself.
In that moment, I saw that you were at the highest point of euphoria.
My knees they quivered with a vengeance of the devil.
No way am I in hell, everything in me trying not to tumble.

I can't stand it,
I saw you love her through your eyes.
With your eyes you removed every imperfect layer.
I saw that she was perfect in the light that gleamed from your pupils.
That light burned every happy part of me to ashes.

I can't stand it,
It's not me that seeped through the cracks of your heart.
She trickled down the depths of your soul.
She brought out a spirit of happiness, I've never glimpsed.
That spirit buzzed in my ear, I cover my ears, I wish it would stop!

I can't stand it,
The fact that I'm happy, you're happy without me.
The simple truth of it all, that love is not a jealous selfish thing!
I hate that the love I have for you allows me to forgive.
This Love that is of God and not of the devil consumes me.

I can't stand it,*
I'm proud of you despite the heaviness on my shoulders.
I'm happy for you despite the dagger thrusting through my heart.
That Knife released those beautiful butterflies trapped inside of me.
How can I be happy you're happy, when I'm not?

I can't stand it,
So this is where I find new caterpillars.
Now is the time to give up the fixating thoughts of you.
I can't stand it, No not at all, I must stop standing!
And so,

I saw a former love with his new love........

God has something beautiful tomorrow

By: Keva Minus ©
334 · Jul 2014
Dead (10 W)
Keva Minus Jul 2014
My heart is beating.......
NO, I'm not alive at all!
Emotionally Dead!

By: Keva Minus ©
306 · Aug 2014
Keva Minus Aug 2014
He said he has to talk to me.
Those words, they sounded like death.
I'm still wandering what I did,
To make my life a mess.

I'm in suspense, what is it now?
We've been through so much.
I try and try, no matter how,
Hurting me seems like a must.

Restlessly I toss and turn.
I can't take any more hurt.
I got burned, still didn't learn.
What is this all worth?

He held my hand ,
Then moved closer.
Keva I'm sorry,
That we are over.

I found it hard to cry.
There were no more tears.
Many times I dried my eyes,
And forgot all my fears.

I was not angry at all.
I loved him too much.
It was a hard fall,
But I will always trust.

When he said that sentence,
It seemed like life had ended.
But I will keep in remembrance.
The reason my heart extended.
By: Keva Minus ©
304 · May 2015
Sadness (10 W)
Keva Minus May 2015
There's beauty in sadness.
don't be sad forever beautiful!
By: Keva Minus ©

— The End —