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Kelsey McIntyre Dec 2020
For the first time
In a long time
I don’t feel at home
And I am truly lost....
Kelsey McIntyre Dec 2020
Numbness is all I feel
When I watched you slip away

For the first time
I cannot hold you and protect you
And make you feel safe

Even though you are gone
My love for you
Will last for eternity
Kelsey McIntyre Dec 2020
The tiniest little feet
Run to me on Christmas Day
A big red bow on her head
Ready to come and stay

We play all day
And snuggle all night
My love for you
Grows at great height

I’ve watched you grow
And you with me
I was given to
The best family

Though now I am tired
And as sad as you are
You must now know now
I won’t ever be far

I will watch you from up here
Free and out of pain
I’m looking forward to the day
We will meet again

You have shown me great love
I shall wait for you forever
And when your time has come
We will cross the Rainbow Bridge together
This poem is for my dog who is sadly passing. I got her as a Christmas present when I was a child. We grew up together and I will forever miss her.
Kelsey McIntyre Apr 2020
On the nights where you come visit
And bring in the sadness

I don’t want to think
That I converted to madness

No tears can escape to roll down my cheek
Because then you would call me weak

I need to hide the feelings I have
An invisible mask that’s breaking in half

I don’t know how much longer I can hide
The pain I feel deeply inside
Kelsey McIntyre Apr 2020
Set me free
Of which these chains
In which my mind entraps
Kelsey McIntyre Apr 2020
It hurts
I know

The times when it feels like your whole body is shattered
Or the times you feel like you can’t breathe

Sit back and remember your worth
And rise higher than you ever did before
Kelsey McIntyre Apr 2020
For there are no words
That can describe you

You love so deep
And so pure

You make things so simple
Yet so beautifully complicated


Behind your shine  is a world full of dark

Long nights of you crying
Longing for a purpose

But, even though your broken
and cracked
The light still shines through the pain
From your beautiful soul
Sometimes the happiest and purest people are the most broken
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