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Kelsey McIntyre Apr 2020
Some people want change
Others want to be the change
While you just destroy
Kelsey McIntyre Mar 2020
To cut away my faults
Would be my greatest pleasure
Kelsey McIntyre Mar 2020
We have a bond
You feed me energy
When at my lowest

You’re someone whom
I speak to when I need

We are connected
In a beautiful pattern
And together

You and I
Shine brighter than the sun
Kelsey McIntyre Jan 2020
Could I be here because I have purpose?
Or will my life have little to no meaning

Will no one remember me when I’m gone?
To the point when I’m just a faint memory

Will I be missed?
Or will I be forgotten without a second thought
Kelsey McIntyre Nov 2019
Sitting alone day by day
Feelings of hope slipping away
Anxiety knocking on the door
Depression bringing me down to the floor

"Everything will be fine, no need to worry now"
I hear everyday with reasonable doubt
They see my pain and notice it too
As I sit in the corner of the room

People never care
And then they dont know why
Why some of peoples biggest wishes are to die
Kelsey McIntyre Jan 2019
Hiding my problems under my skin
Don't even know how it began

A child who was so happy and healthy
Now an adult with a mind that's unhealthy

I thought my life would be simple and easy
Now the darkness of life has finally hit me
Kelsey McIntyre Oct 2018
Long dark nights staring at the moon
Feeling of coldness creeps into the room

Wanting to run run far away
Hoping to find another place to stay

I feel like an outcast, a person with no friends
I feel like I can never fit in

I need to find a place alone
The one real place to call my own

— The End —