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Josh Aug 2014
Is the body a part of death or death a part of the body?
Or, do death and the body only exist inside our minds?

Are we one part of a whole?
Or, the whole of one part?

Is life meant to be lived or lived to be meant?
Or, do both life and meaning only exist inside our minds?

Is the mind separate from our body or together?
Or, are we altogether bodies which are separate from our minds.

Is it reason which gives us intelligence or intelligence which gives us reason?
Josh Aug 2014
They call it depression, but it's an addiction to something that's not there-
It's an expression that we wear; it's repressed need-worn mentally.

And torn entities are born, but big men scorn with forlorn identities.
Ungentle mouths sending free telegrams to stop everything stop.

Want masquerading as need.
An embedded seed we tried to prune one day, but grew instead.
Weedy tendrils that push out my head.

Bleeding temperamentally internally eventually until it grows aware:
Despite hiding it or changing it, we carry on:
Recognizing our own ambiguity in another person's stare.
Josh Aug 2014
I think I'm the remainder left over;
A complex number in an equation you found to solve.
You treat me like a stranger: holding me through
the pain of peering in at you from the outside where it's cold.
Josh Aug 2014
We wait for signals, hope and pray, but they're everywhere and every way. So maybe we're just used to them and, unaware, we look away.
But pass right by them every day.
Josh Jul 2014
Islamist Extremists. Boat Capsized.
Obama and Nelson Mandela. Celebrity Lies.
Plane Crash. Forest Fires.
Missing Girl. Handgun-buyers.
Amazon Lawsuit. ANT-MAN. Low Supplies!

Walmart Empty Shelves. Chinese Food Scandal.
Microsoft Layoffs. Heat and Gasoline. Oil.
Mad Max! Comic Book Convention Drama.
Breast Lumps and Swelling.

Television. Veteran's Hospitals.
Israel and Gaza Fight On.
Beachgoers Hit by Lightning.
Baseball Drinking Songs.

Sci-fi, Wi-fi, Ebola, and Libya.
Ukraine. Venezuela. Marriage. Liver failure.
Allen Webster. USA. RACE CARS.
Global Catastrophe Down to Warming of the Earth.

Dinosaurs Had Feathers. MH17. Profits.
Desert Bakery. Syria. We Must be Mad.
Philippines: 100 Million People on an Island.
Salmonella Lawsuit. Cheeseburger Diet.
Twinkies Never Going Bad.
Putin, Palin, and the Tour de France.

Fracking. Cats and Dogs.
Just in case you missed it.
Josh Jul 2014
Sometimes it's better to be alone where no one can hurt you.
Sometimes it's better to be together to undo each other's beauty.
Josh Jul 2014
Life started; my ear to your heart.
I heard life growing, but you grew up too fast.
Knowing so many things--
You decorated your parents in the sweet laughter you brought
and still bring.

I feel connected to you through the rhythm of your heart.
You fought to start -- sought your own part in life,
though you couldn't do it unsupported.
Your requited love has grown, and plays on our souls in the happiness we've known.

You dance. You sing.
You've arrived. Alive and kicking.

My everything.  

My reward: little socks, conversations with playful teddy bears, square blocks, and good food eaten in highchairs. Knocks on the head each day.
Your love of monsters and animals, and the funny things you have said
and still say.

Kisses. Hugs. Pokes in the ribs. Tears and giggles.
The fear of closed doors, but a big fan of pigs!  

Little hands. Curly hair.
I think about you everywhere.

Your first walk. The shock of unknowing.
Our open arms and your gradual growth into them,
and growth into knowing.

Now, safe and warm, blankets and toys -- I watch you sleep flawlessly unspoiled.  

I watch and need this growing piece of me; my future seed. This all-seeing, bright eyed and innocent being -- I see so many parts of me in him.

Little socks -- and lots and lots of tickles and curly golden locks and you're the best thing I've ever seen.

It is you, dear boy, I understand.
I love to hold your little hands.
And make you laugh, and hear you talk;
That way you can't say ''box''.
But most of all I just love you.
You and your little socks.
Written for my 3 year old son.
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